“History 1: Obsessed” Series Review

As the main character Shao Yi Chen (Teddy Rin) gets an opportunity to rehash his past mistakes, the miniseries focuses on his forbidden romance with love interest Jiang Jing Ting (Bernard He).

Imagine being able to get a second chance to redo a major part of your life. Go back and fix things or avoid situations that hurt you. There is a lot I would change. Well, Shao Yi Chen gets this remarkable chance in HIStory 1-Obsessed. Obsessed is about second chances, as you can see in the opening scenes. Shao Yi is reincarnated into a timeline (which is nine years prior to the present) and decides to save his future self from Jing Ting. Shao Yi has loved Jing Ting for so long that he can’t resist him. As such, he burns the diary where he wrote about his love for Jing Ting. A few pages escape from the fire and end up in Jing Ting’s hands. He decides to seek out Shao Yi to find out what is going on.

Their first confrontation is not the kind of turnout that Jing Ting imagines, as Shao Yi’s Senior Chong Jum (Charles Lee) saves him from Jiang. Shao and his best friend devise new tricks to avoid Jiang and it works for a while but…… eventually, Jiang gets hold of Shao Yi and the storyline focuses on their love and hate relationship from there.

From the very first episode, Shao Yi decisively avoids Jiang at all costs, he knows that his life will be endangered if he falls for him again. Shao Yi doesn’t want to be hurt like that again. We are given a brief backstory, where Jiang Jing Ting decides to marry Cai Yi Jun as a cover so Jiang’s family will not hurt Shao Yi. All Shao knows is the man he loves with his whole heart is marrying someone else. Shai Yi leaves the cafe crying, he ends up on the street and Jing Ting follows. You can imagine the heartbreak Shao Yi is feeling, it will make you cry. The pain in his voice is unbearable and Jiang is crying as well. Overcome by grief, Shao Yi gets up again, runs into the street and is hit by a car. I was shocked and wondered about what would happen next.

From there the storyline switches to the past, where Shao Yi makes a promise to NOT love Jing Ting again. Thus begins their cat and mouse game. Jiang finally gets hold of Shao Yi at their university outing. He picks him up and takes him to a tent, asking for the rest of the pages in the diary. Shao Yi angrily retorts that he burned them. Jiang confesses his feelings and Shao Yi obviously struggles with trying to resist Jiang. The music is wonderful in this series, as it makes you feel what the character is going through. Shao Yi fights off Jiang’s advances and gets away. They struggle, fall and roll down the hill. Jiang hits his head on a tree and loses consciousness. Shao Yi goes berserk as he holds Jiang in his arms screaming for him to wake up.

We next see Jing Ting in the hospital with his head bandaged and unconscious. Shao Yi has been by his side since Jiang was admitted into the hospital. Jing Ting wakes up, and acts amnesiac. From there, we have a determined Jiang and a reluctant Shao Yi. Shao Yi takes Jiang home with him to recover from his accident, as he feels responsible for his injuries. Little does Shao Yi realise that Jing Ting is faking his memory loss to get closer to Shao Yi and win him over. As Shao Yi takes care of Jing Ting, he slowly begins to have feelings for Jing Ting. Jing Ting seems different this time. Shao Yi makes sure he gets rest, eats well, and goes to school each day. In one scene we see Shao and Jiang walking and all of a sudden a basketball almost hits Jing Ting. Shao Yi stops and yells at the boys to be careful. Jing Ting picks up the ball and throws it to make an incredible shot. We next see them making dinner together while being cute and flirty. Shao Yi sees Jiang as a different person since the accident; while Jing Ting is hiding that he remembers everything.

Sweet moments like Jing Ting holding Shao Yi while sleeping, laying on Shao’s lap while he reads under a tree just make you feel happy for Jing Ting. You can see the pure concern Shao Yi has for Jing Ting. While they are conversing, Jing Ting suddenly kisses Shao Yi and asks “You like me right?” Shao Yi fights the urge to keep kissing him and runs away. While resisting the temptation, Shao has a serious conversation to his friend Xiao Bai Mu about falling for Jing Ting. Shao Yi realizes he does like Jing Ting and although he is unsure about the future, Shao Yi observes that some things are same and other’s are different. He is very conflicted about what to do.

Shao Yi is taking water for Jing Tingwhen he walks in on a conversation between Jiang and Cai Yi Chun. She asks what is so important about Shao Yi, that he is pretending to have amnesia. Jing Ting tells her it is none of her business and asks her to leave. As he turns to leave, he see Shao Yi standing there, and knows he heard the whole thing. Shao Yi keeps thinking of how Jiang lied to him again and the hurt he felt in the past is back. Shao Yi runs while trying to get away from Jiang and almost gets hit by a car. Jing Ting saves him and chases him home. Their argument leads to another intense confrontation. However this time, Jing Ting honestly confesses his feelings for Shao Yi. He wants Shao Yi to be his and only his. Jing Ting cries profusely cries while confessing and Shao Yi is rendered speechless. Shao Yi finally gives in and admits he loves Jing Ting. He realizes Jing Ting truly really loves him. This leads to a very sweet yet slightly rough scene.

Jing Ting has an unfortunate dream and I cried bitterly while watching this scene. My heart broke for Jing Ting. I felt his pain, guilt, and heartache. In the dream, Shao Yi dies and Jing Ting takes his ashes to spread them into a lake. Jing Ting holds the box tightly and cries while being apologetic. You can feel his anguish, his pain over losing his lover, due to his insecurities in being honest with who he is and whom he loves. There is something intriguing in this scene, something I believe might be the reason for Shao Yi’s resurrection. As Cai Yi Chun stands there, she waves her hands, as if requesting Shao Yi to return home. The scene truly gave me chills. I also believe it is her hand we see in the opening scene of the drama.

We return to the present, where Shao Yi worriedly tries to wake him up. Once Jiang is awake, he realizes it was a dream and tells Shao Yi about it. He confesses that the engagement in his dream was a fake attempt to please his parents and he did to protect Shao Yi. Jing Ting swears that he would never use a woman to protect himself. He can protect Shao Yi all by himself.

This was a superb drama and I really enjoyed watching this one. Although I love all the shows in the HIStory series, Obsessed is one of my favorites. It deserves a five stars rating. There were so many emotions in this hour-long drama. The OST fits the drama so accurately and is remarkable. The chemistry between Jing Ting played by Bernard He and Shao Yi portrayed by Teddy Rin was amazing, flawless. It is obvious that Jing Ting and Shao Yi DID love each other very much. The pain they felt while being betrayed by the other person and the loss of their better half was so real; you could feel it in your soul.

Second chances can happen and if they do GRAB it like Shao Yi did and maybe just maybe, you will find the one you love the most if they are meant to be with you.

Rating- 4.5 out of 5


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