“HIStory 1: Stay Away From Me” Series Review

HIStory 1: Stay Away from Me is a sweet, story about 2 people who meet under unusual circumstances and become more than friends.

Duke Wu who already has a few dramas under his belt portrays the main role of Cheng Qing. Edison Song plays his onscreen stepbrother Feng He. They become brothers when Cheng’s Dad gets married to Feng’s Mother. Add in Chao Hang Tim who plays Meng Meng, Feng’s best friend and you have the perfect cast for this romance drama. Duke Wu and Edison Song look undeniably good together. Their chemistry was there, some feel it didn’t exist. But I disagree, if you observe it closely; their romance is subtle and sweet. The way Cheng looks at Feng obviously showcases their love.

As we start with this series, you see Cheng Qing in a van dreaming of his fans stalking him. He wakes with a jerk and realizes it was a dream. While he is getting out of the van, his fans chase after him and an innocent Feng He gets caught up in the mayhem. They get away from the fans and Feng He realizes that he is face-to-face with the superstar Cheng Qing. Cheng then starts dressing Feng in his clothes, hat, and sunglasses and requests Feng to wait for 10 min and absconds. Fans mistake Feng He for Cheng Wing and attack him; knocking the poor Feng to the ground. Cheng sees this, laughs and gets away. The next time they see each other is after Feng He’s mother tells him to take care of his brother. The doorbell rings and there stands Cheng Qing. Feng He shuts the door thinking he is imagining things but in reality he isn’t. Cheng Qing opens the door with his own keys and it is then that Feng He realizes that the popular actor is his new stepbrother!

This is the beginning of a really great series, only four episodes long, with a lot of potential packed in each episode. There is a little of everything in this series, from comedy to tears. From the moment they meet, both share a great chemistry, Cheng orders Feng to put his clothes away and leaves. Feng does that, and then once Cheng comes home, Feng asks him to sleep on the couch. Cheng’s alarm goes off in the morning, and he sleeps through it. Feng tells him to get up and get ready. We quickly fast forward to the scene where Feng agrees to let Cheng sleep in the same bed. But he insists on drawing the line by placing pots between them. The trick doesn’t work, as they wake up the next morning with Cheng Qing resting his head on Feng’s stomach. My FAVORITE scene in this miniseries. I couldn’t stop laughing!

The second episode was definitely my favorite, as those two become friends and get over the awkwardness from the beginning. They go on a picnic, have fun and Cheng wears Feng’s clothes to disguise himself. Cheng and Feng slowly grow closer. Everything works out in their favor, until Meng Meng asks Feng He to deliver a gift to Cheng. Feng thinks that it is Meng is trying to confess her feelings for Cheng and promises to help. Cheng reads the note, mistakes it as Feng’s love confession and abruptly kisses him. Feng is left shocked and pushes Cheng away. He explains that the note is from Meng. Things get quite awkward after this as Cheng confesses to Feng. Feng however rejects him, as they are brothers in his mind. Cheng is hurt by this admission and after one last attempt to make Feng accept his feelings; Cheng resolutely agrees to stay away.

Feeling guilty, Meng Meng first confesses to Cheng that she was the one who wrote the note, and she felt bad for doing it. She then apologizes to Feng and obviously he forgives her. I personally felt Cheng’s sadness and helplessness. The pain of being rejected by the one you love, I felt his sorrow. I also felt the confusion Feng was feeling, as they are brothers by marriage. Feng sees them as a family, but is conflicted about his feelings as he slowly begins to fall for Cheng. Feng slowly begins to realize he does have feelings for Cheng and is unsure about how to approach Cheng. Feng goes to meet Cheng at his movie set, where he tells Cheng he missed him and that “Habits can be changed”. He hugs Cheng and proposes that they live together. I literally screamed, since I was so happy for both of them. They got through the bad times and in my mind, they will always be forever together!

I really liked this drama and I wished that the screen time was extended. Four episodes are too short to show the proper development of their relationship. I felt their emotions, cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed. Quite a few viewers had issues with the premise, as they were related by their parent’s marriage. I think since they aren’t related by blood, and IF the parents weren’t married at all; then this romance would have been deemed fit by those fans. Love is Love and there are boundaries. But in my opinion, they did not cross the line. I think if you spend some watching the storyline evolve and give up on scrutinizing unnecessary details, then this is an excellent drama.

The only thing I didn’t like about this show was the fast pacing in some scenes. I liked the natural progression where we were allowed to watch them grow closer to each other. This is one of my feel-good dramas that I have watched several times. I recently watched this show for reviewing it, which bought back fond memories on how much I love this miniseries.

Remember, “Habits can be changed” and “Love can happen”, just like it did for Cheng and Feng. Remember, Love is Love!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

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