“Make It Right” Series Review

Once upon a time before cancel culture was the new “In Thing”. When BLs weren’t popping up every five minutes navigating around Engineering and Medical students as if they were made for only each other, Thai BL’s were entirely different.

Not based on university settings at all, but instead on actual “Boys in love with each other”. Make It Right was one of those shows. Coming out of seemingly no where, with a young crop of actors playing roles that were seemingly new. This is my opinion and review of the series you either love or hate. There really isn’t an in between with it.

The premise for “Make It Right” isn’t simple, because there is a lot going on. But for Tee & Fuse the main pairing (Boy feels cheated by girlfriend, gets drunk and sleeps with friend, cue sexual confusion for a lot of episodes)it was at that time a certainly new thing. But it has been cloned in later series. Along with that drama bomb, we have Book & Frame where a playboy falls for the closet case shy boy. The rest of the cast suck up screen time with silly antics and there is one notable situation involving a flamboyant boy and the self-proclaimed ladies man(he isn’t one but thinks he is).

The production value is actually really high with well shot scenes. At times, the camera has a hard time keeping all the boys in the same frame, but that deter the directing style. The script falters as it repeats scenes and dialogue a bit too much throughout the first season. But it doesn’t happen in the second season or the third miniseries. The prequel focuses on horny boys being just that. Ridiculous and oversexed as they imagine their perfect sexual situations and act like what they are, teenagers. I enjoyed the fact that none of them were actually perfect, even Tee the most mature of the bunch is prone to quiet jealousy and seemingly internalizes his feelings too much. But with Fuse’s on-again off-again antics with Jene or Jean it makes sense.

While this situation is recurring, Frame is living a wild life as a teenager acting like a grown up. Meeting men for sex, drinking, and living alone, on the surface it is fun and easy, but as time passes he gets lonely. Meeting Book by chance for an anonymous hookup kick-starts their relationship. It is a perfect contrast to Tee and Fuse whose relationship feels very immature. Book and Frame deal with the more mature and weighty aspects of being in a gay relationship, as well as their past mistakes coming back to haunt them. Frame having sex with one his teachers and the man who ruined Book’s life might be one of them. Book’s teenage dumb decision which forces him out of the closet leading to a suicide attempt never felt as though it came out of left field. But a natural progression for their characters as they go through those two years together isn’t depicted.

By the end of the second season, the boys find themselves in new situations. The concept of forever in love seems almost impossible for most of them to take seriously; but surprisingly Book and Frame seem more prepared for it. While Tee and Fuse face the reality of their own tenuous romance, unfortunately due to behind the scene’s drama Book and Frame don’t appear in the final series. But they are said to be happy.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this series as it casts the teenage life in Thailand in a more realistic manner. At times, the various side characters do get super annoying and suck up too much screen time. The main couple TeeFuse also get to an insufferable level of unreasonable arguments, but BookFrame save the series from being unwatchable since they get more screen time in the sequel.

Rating- 4 out of 5

One thought on ““Make It Right” Series Review”

  1. I think this is an important “early” BL series- it has some big pluses and minuses- (like Love Sick it introduces dragging out keeping a poor girlfriend for way too long)
    Ohm explodes onscreen and I am happy that he has had some success in acting and further developed as an actor.
    The BookFuse pairing is the magic for me. I just kept feeling sorry for Tee and annoyed with Fuse.
    I enjoyed it enough (about two years ago) to watch all seasons and special episodes. I will never rewatch it- but it is a worthwhile entry in the BL genre.


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