Upcoming Asian BL Dramas VII

Korean and Thai BL wave is taking the world by storm. Today’s installment focuses on some of the most anticipated dramas in the upcoming months.

While the excitement surrounding new BL dramas never diminishes, quality production makes a lot of difference. Marketing a diaspora of storylines which are flavored as well as aesthetic is important to catch the audience’s attention. While different Asian countries are persistent in churning out the BL affair, very few actually produce commendable works. As such, letโ€™s get down to business and learn more about the upcoming BL dramas that might leave us surprised!

Korean BL

Light On Me


Based on the BL game “Saebit Boys High School Council” which was later adapted into the webtoon “I am a Counselor of Saebit Boys High School Council” by DAY7, Light On Me is a high-teen romance, depicting friendship and love. The drama is produced by WHYNOT media and will premiere on 29th June, 2020, at 5 P.M. Unlike previous Korean BL’s, this show has an extended timeline of 16 episodes.


A high-teen romance about Woo Tae Kyung, who joined the Saebit Boys High School Council to make friends, meeting his first love there. Woo Tae Kyung, who is blunt and straightforward, is entangled with Noh Shin Woo, who is cold outside but warm inside, Shin Da Won, the most popular student president of the school, and Nam Gung Shion, the mood maker.

Character Profiles

Woo Tae Kyung

Lee Sae On will play the main lead, Woo Tae Kyung. Tae Kyung is a temporary member of the Student Council who wants to make friends. He is a typical 18-year-old high schooler, who is a bit indifferent, cold and hates to lie. He always believed that he did not need friends and was used to being lonely. But one day, he started to question his attitude and consults his homeroom teacher about this worry. The teacher advises him to join the Student Council.

No Shin Woo

Kang You Seok will portray the role of No Shin Woo. Shin Woo is the vice president of the Student Council. He is brutally honest about his feelings, shy, and cold towards Tae Kyung. However, he is warm and deep inside. The Student Council members are the only ones who understand his true nature, as he takes good care of them.

Nam Goong Siwoon

Go Woo Jin will play the role of Nam Goong Siwoon. Siwoon is a member of the volunteer department and he likes to jokes around with his seniors. He is playful and is the cupid of the Student Council.

Shin Da On

Choe Chan Yi will portray the role of Shin Da On. Da On has the best grades and is the Student Council president. He is well-mannered and takes good care of students and teachers.

(Source- Rina Susilowati Twitter- @Nasus_24011989)

WeTV has recently released the trailer for this show with English Subtitles and the storyline looks promising, alongside the tantalizing chemistry between the main leads.

Some pictures of the cast from the shooting location.

Florida Banjeom

Idol Romance (Producers of Wish You and Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding) have announced their new venture. Titled as “Florida Banjeom”, the show focuses on the budding romance between two co-workers in a Chinese restaurant. Starring Yoo Hwan in the role of Chef Eun Gyo and Cha Woo Min as Hae Won, the show promises to be a gourmet delight. Both actors look amazing and I’m looking forward to watching this mini-series.



Blueming is the next upcoming Korean BL. Produced by KENAZ and directed by Hwang Da-seul of “Where Your Eyes Linger & To My Star fame”, the show will be broadcast on Kakao TV around July and consists of 10 episodes with 10-12 minutes run-time.


Siwon Cha is popular among people where ever he goes. In his childhood, Siwon was teased by his younger sister that heโ€™s ugly. Since then, Siwon put a great deal of effort to become handsome, and he has succeeded. Being in college now, Siwon did not doubt that he will be the most beloved person on the campus. However, there is a guy called Daun Hyeong, who has a perfect look, gets straight Aโ€™s, comes from a rich family, and even has a great personality.

The cast is yet to be announced and we only have pictures from the onsite location.

Made in Rooftop


Atnine Film recently announced that their upcoming film “Made in Rooftop” will have an international premiere on this June 23, 2021. Starring Lee Hong Nae and Jung Hwi in lead roles, the film is being marketed as a high tension summer romance of cool and hip youth. Lee Hong Nae has been in news for his portrayal of the evil ghost spirit in popular Korean drama “The Uncanny Counter”. As such, the anticipation for this movie is obviously high amongst his fandom, who are looking forward to watching their dynamic idol portray a variant role again.


“I’m going to be cool from now!”

Ha Neul, a failure push-and-pull job seeker was thrown out of the house with just one carrier 30 minutes after giving a fake breakup notice to his boyfriend, Jeong Min, who had been struggling and roasted for three years. On the first day of separation, he was playing hard to get with his ex-lover in the rooftop room of his friend Bong Shik who just broke up.

“Everything I do is hip!”

With the money earned from doing BJ, he decorated the rooftop room smaller than a studio with a luxury shop. Bong Shik is a free-spirited hipster who lives like there’s no tomorrow with the goal of dying before 40. Day 1 of fling, he vowed again that he don’t need a relationship, but he keeps on seeing someone who is aggressive.

Watch the trailer for the movie here-


Thai BL

Golden Blood


The anticipated mafia romance between strict protector and a rebellious boss is finally set to air on WeTV platforms from June 23, 2020. Starring Gun Napat Na Ranong as Sky (of LBC fame) and Boat Tara Tipa as Sun in main roles, alongside Sugus Buntawit as Peach, Tenon Teachapat as Bank, the Ch3Thailand production has been making waves because of its intriguing premise.


Sky is a young master and the son of a mafia boss. Sun is the bodyguard who was sent by Sky’s father to protect him. Unexpectedly they share the same rare blood type, which binds them even closer. How will they face Sky’s father?

The Theory Series


Based on a BL adaptation, “The Theory Series”, the show will feature three variant characters Khunpord, Tawan, and Tai who have different beliefs in love and their succeeding storylines. The production house has recently released the character profiles of their actors, which has created quite abuzz on the social circuits.



โ— Dome Woranart (of 2moons2 fame) will play the role of Rahat alongside Benz Natthapong who will portray his love interest Khonproad.

โ— Ken Prarunyu (of Lovely Writer fame) will play the role of Prap alongside Ohm Pasawit (of DealLover fame) who will portray his love interest Thai.

โ— Piyawat Phongkanittanon will play the role of Tawan alongside Kittinan Karnmongkolvamich who will portray his love interest Meth.

โ— Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen will portray the role of Saifah Alongkorn alongside Chaovanaprecha who will play his love interest Cho.

Chinese BL

Innocent Playmates


Addicted Herion was a breakthrough drama in Chinese BL. The show created so much buzz that the Chinese censorship had it banned for homosexual portrayal of the relationship between the main leads who are stepbrothers. So, the news about the popular yet controversial drama’s remake was met with disbelief. It is reported that the author of the novel, from which the show was adapted, was keen on producing a second adaptation. YouKu Media who have recently been in the news for their BL adaptation “Word of Honor” will be handling this project. To make sure that the adaptation passes through the strict Chinese censorship, the original script has been heavily altered. The drama will be released under a new name “Innocent Playmates”. The character names have been changed from “Bai Luo Yin” to “Su Yu” and “Gu Hai” to “Wu Bi”. Also, like most Bromance dramas, there will be the addition of a female love interest. It seems like the Su Yu’s character will have a sister from his Father’s second marriage. Luo Yin’s ex seems to be there in the character list, but Gu Hai’s ex has been excluded. The shooting will commence soon.

(Source- Adam Uni Facebook Account)


Japanese BL



Adapted from popular manga “Given” by Kizu Natsuki, this Japanese BL is already on the “Most Anticipated Dramas of the Year” list. Starring Suzuki Jin (Uenoyama Ritsuka), Sanari (Satou Mafuyu), Inowaki Kai (Kaji Akihiko) and Yanagi Shuntaro (Nakayama Haruki) as the main leads, the show showcases the musical journey of a quiet, introverted high school student Mafuyu Sato with his new band-friends. The show’s production house FOD is quite famous for adeptly adapting BL storylines. Their social media accounts are continuously promoting the series with new stills of their actors.

Exclusive pictures of the entire cast of Given from the digital magazine Hachimaga Fuji.




Pinoy BL

Rainbow Prince


Oxin Films have recently announced news related to their latest Pinoy BL offering, “Rainbow Prince”. Starring Adrian Dionisio and Eurwin Canzana (of “Your Home The Series” fame) in lead roles, the fairy tale romance follows the life of a Royal Prince as he is forced to choose between his responsibilities and love.


Rainbow Prince is the story of Prince Zeyn, a young and audacious prince who is destined for a path filled with adventure, soul searching, and true love. His journey leads to magical moments, new relationships, and the most challenging decision of his life — the decision of his heart over his duty as the future king of Zurbania. Prince Zeyn has to differentiate his reality from fantasy. What is more important, his responsibility to rule a nation or his true heart’s desires? Can he find a middle ground or be forced to make the ultimate decision?

The production house is ardently promoting the show and from the pictures released on Oxin Films social media handles, the main leads seem to have a dazzling chemistry. Here’s hoping that this show doesn’t meet the same fate as their last venture “My Days The Series”, which is reportedly being renewed for a second season. Fingers crossed!

News Update

Fish Upon The Sky

The main lead actors of currently on-air Thai BL “Fish Upon The Sky” Phuwin Tangsakyuen and Pond Naravit are slowly growing popular because of their sweet chemistry. We have some exclusive pictures from their recent photoshoot with LIPS Magazine.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boysโ€™ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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