In Conversation With Gay Romance Author Nicholas Bella

The BL Xpress had the opportunity to interview popular Gay Romance Author Nicholas Bella.

He specializes in world of dark erotica which is gritty, sexy and even a little raunchy. Join us in our conversation as Nicholas talks about the thought process involved in the making of each of his novels and upcoming book releases!

1) Your novels have a central character that start as straights who end up going through an invariable sexuality chance. It could be Brian Cordero from Demon Gate Series, Noel from New Haven Series. How did you visualize these characters?

One of the tropes I enjoy is reading about the straight guy getting seduced by another guy and discovering something about himself that he didn’t know was in him. With them realizing they can enjoy the company and pleasure of a man as well.

2) “New Haven [Season 1]: Chained in Darkness Series” features Noel, a rebel of the human Resistance, captured by his supernatural enemies, the vampires. How did you envision this world of paranormal?

The series actually transformed into this epic tale spanning over several books. It all started with me just wanting to see a rebel leader be turned into the very thing he was fighting against in front of an audience of his enemies. Just wanting to see that scene play out and from there, came the New Haven Series. With the first episode, Embraced, I didn’t even have a name for the book, because I hadn’t planned to make a series. But the more I wrote about those characters, the more they evolved and I knew I had to continue to tell their story.

3) In “New Haven [Season 2]: House of Theoden Series”, we get to watch Lord Theodon take up a new role that changes his life? How did you visualize this strong sexual character?

I really didn’t visualize him beforehand. I just wanted a powerful vampire, that was the envy and fear of others to be the one to embrace Noel. The more I wrote his and Noel’s scenes, the bigger their world became, the more developed each character grew and they are still evolving.

4) In “New Haven [Season 3]: Prince of the City Series”, while Theodon and Noel have adapted to their new environments, Deacon has the impossible task of training his mate, Elijah? What do you have in mind when you write about their highly sexualized relationships?

Those two are still discovering more about themselves and each other. Elijah considered himself straight before he met Deacon, but now he knows that isn’t the case. Their love was something I think was fought for. They had to set boundaries and learned to respect what each man meant to the other. They had to build their trust and along the way, they learned that they very much enjoy a Dom/sub dynamic, but even that can change as time goes on.

5) “New Haven [Season 4]: Kingdom of Ara Series” brings forth major conflicts between the vampires and wolves. You really love creating chaos and complications?

Oh, I do. For me, I love when a story has something going on. A task to be dealt with, a problem to solve and an enemy to kill. It’s fun to keep the reader engaged in a story that is unpredictable.

6) “New Haven [Season 5]: The Odin Chronicles Series” is your highly addictive spin off series featuring new characters and their storylines. Share your thoughts about the same?

It’s really the same story continuing from the New Haven Series, but where in that series, I was following the point of view of only 4 characters by season four, I wanted to expand it. I wanted to broaden the world through the characters for the readers and enhance the story. I don’t like being confined, so you could say that I branched out.

7) Your “The Demon Gate Series” is one of my favorite Gay Romance Series. I fell in love with Brian, Raphael and Andre’s undeniable chemistry. How did you envision this world full of highly sensual demons?

It all started with me wanting to see a demon creature take over a human in a very dramatic way. LOL. To see how that human was going to cope with no longer being human. How he was going to deal with this new world he was now a part of. And in order to bring him deeper into it and to help him cope, I wanted to create a link between him and the demon who turned him. Hence, their need to mate.

8) Your first collaboration with author Aimee Nicole Walker “Genesis Circle Series” involves an intense drama between a demon hunter D’Angelo Kumar and psychic Angel Bai. How did you both craft this paranormal romance?

Actually, our first collaboration was Undisputed. A sport romance involving a MMA fighter and a reporter. That had been an idea I came to Aimee with and she loved it. The Genesis Circle was Aimee’s idea. She wanted write a paranormal series and together we worked out the details for each book and who the characters would be.

9) How was it working with Aimee on this project? Do you have plans for future collaborations?

It’s always a pleasure to work with Aimee, I simply adore her. We are both humble and don’t have any egos. We respect each other’s contribution and ideas, we understand our books are a labor of love that we share equally. We are currently working on the third book of the Genesis Circle and I’m always open to more book collaborations with her.

10) The premise for “Gods and Slaves Series” was quite different. The merciless God of Fire, Eloy ends up falling in love with a slave, Mateo. What did you have in mind while creating this forbidden pairing?

My fans wanted me to write a gladiator series. I hadn’t planned on doing one before, but I was intrigued. However, I wanted it to be different, not just a story of a gladiator dealing with the arena and live in a ludus. So, I created the gods and constructed a world that they designed to suit their needs. And when Eloy laid his eyes on Mateo, the unthinkable happened. He saw a human that spoke to his soul, that awaked his passion and opened his heart to the possibility of love.

11) I’m currently reading your latest release “That Mafioso Magic”. A sarcastic private detective Adrian Elias and a no-nonsense mobster, Sage Tamir make an intriguing combination. How much fun did you have, while scripting this romance?

It was fun, but it was a battle for me, really. I was going through quarantine and all that 2020 gave us, and it was hard to be creative. But I really wanted to bring this story to life. I always wanted to broaden my own writing style, to move away from the style of the New Haven Series into a lighter tone, but just as much love, passion and mayhem.

12) What is your opinion about the current status of LGBTQ representation in Gay novels? Do you feel that the MM Romance genre is adequately representing them?

I think it’s much better than it was ten years ago and there is always room to explore and improve. I think diversity is the issue where more books need to have multicultural characters. People of all walks of life want to see representation in their entertainment. To imagine that love comes to all. I plan to always try to broaden my worlds and characters with various coupling.

13) Would you like to share details about your upcoming book releases?

I’m currently working on “You Will Crave Me” which is the first episode of Season Two of the Odin Chronicles. It will pick up the events that ended in Season One’s finale. So, you’ll get more Tylendel, Kendrick, Theoden, and Dominic. So much will be happening in this season as they deal with the biggest threat to come their way. This will be my final season of the Odin Chronicles. However, it will not be the last of these characters. But that’s all I can say right now.

The BL Xpress would like to thank Nicholas Bella for taking the time to answer our questions!

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