The BL Xpress Talks To Gay Romance Author Lily Morton

The BL Xpress was blessed with the opportunity to interview the prolific Gay Romance Author, Lily Morton.

The bestselling novelist is well known for writing slow burn romances that are fun-filled and angsty. Join us as we strike a conversation with the popular writer and dig deeper into her mind to learn more about her imaginative world!

1. I’m a huge fan of your “Mixed Messages Series”. Each book in this series has a central character that might seem emotionally detached but are vulnerable. What did you have in mind while writing these deeply flawed individuals?

I enjoy writing complicated characters. They are so much more real and vivid to me and really touch my heart when I’m writing. Their happy ever afters feel hard won and all the more satisfying because of that.

2. Who is your favorite couple from this book series? Did you feel an emotional connection with any of these character’s?

I think my favourite couple might be Henry and Ivo because of the problems they struggled with. Ivo was trying so hard to live up to the expectations of a deceased parent, while Henry struggled with supporting Ivo in doing what he needed to do even though it could have been dangerous. Ivo was actually my first experience of a character not doing as he was told. He was so flawed and interesting, and he drove the story in a completely different way to what I’d originally planned.

3. “Finding Home Series” had a recurring theme of commitment phobic characters falling for individuals who are their complete opposite. Is that the reason for the title of this series? Where did you draw inspiration for this book series?

The Finding Home series has that title because the characters not only find a physical home, but also an emotional one with each other. It’s very much about found families. To me the series has a dreamy feel. I wanted to create this Cornish estate that had almost a fairytale aspect to it where the men found their happily ever afters.

4. The premise for your “Close Proximity Series” is quite different from your usual sunny romances. We have two characters who are dead set on fighting their emotions for each other and yet they inevitably end up falling in love? How much fun did you have visualizing the animosity and subsequent surrender to their feelings?

It was so enjoyable. There is nothing that’s as exciting as writing that snappy dialogue that shows the reader the characters falling for each other’s minds as well as their bodies. The fact that they’re usually oblivious to this is part of the fun as well.

5. “Black and Blue Series” is your first foray into the fantasy genre. What made you take a detour from your normal romance fictions?

The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings story had actually been in my head for years. I didn’t write it for ages because I always seemed to be either in the middle of a series or starting one, and so the idea kept being put onto the back burner. However, I’d find myself daydreaming scenes in my head and I finally decided to give it a go. Even then, I thought I would just write it for myself. My husband and my beta reader convinced me to publish it and I was thrilled with the reaction to it. I love writing that series.

6. Your recent release “The Quiet House”, the second book in the Black and Blue Series is one of the highly anticipated novels of 2021? How do you feel about the reception? How did you envision this supernatural universe and the two central characters?

It was very nerve racking because the first book was so well loved by a lot of readers. However, I’ve been really pleased with the reception of the second book. It’s had some brilliant reviews and a lot of love shown for the continuation of Blue and Levi’s love story.

My original idea for the series was to have an almost old-fashioned ghost story set in the present day in the beautiful city of York. I knew I wanted it to be spooky, but I also wanted it to be funny and emotional with a love story that is as much at the heart of the books as the spooky elements.

7. I have noticed that you enjoy writing characters that are invariably different and polar opposites. Enemies to lovers trope seems to be your favorite. Why are you drawn to such subjects? What do you have in mind when you normally conceptualize a storyline or characters?

I adore writing enemies to lovers. It makes for dialogue that really fizzes and I love writing that spark that crosses the two men over into lovers.

8. Do you have any favorite book, drama or movie that has left an ever lasting impression on your mind?

I think the book that made the biggest impact on me is ‘Katherine’ by Anya Seton. It’s an historical novel about a real woman who became John of Gaunt’s mistress and later his wife, and it’s set during a very exciting period in English history. My dad gave it to me to read when I was a teenager and I fell in love with the rich storytelling that made the period come alive. My dad and I travelled all over the country one summer tracing the real Katherine and that will always be such a golden memory for me. It also led to a lifelong love of history and my getting a degree in the subject.

9. Do you enjoy reading MM Romance novels written by your contemporary authors? If yes, then who is your current favorite author and why?

I love reading MM romance, but I have far too many favourite authors to name just one. I love mysteries and thrillers so I’ve read and enjoyed everything by Josh Lanyon, Tal Bauer, Gregory Ashe, and CS Poe. T J Klune’s Verania stories are my ultimate comfort re-read. Other favourite authors include Hailey Turner, Mary Calmes, Lane Hayes, Lucy Lennox, N R Walker, Edie Danford, and Felice Stevens. There are so many other authors I love. This is a genre that’s blessed with great writing.

10. Being a Gay Romance Author yourself, what is your opinion about the current status of LGBTQ representation in books?

I think the gay romance genre is growing which is wonderful. I’d really like to see more own voices authors.

11. What are you working on right now? Talk to us about your future books?

My next book is a contemporary romantic comedy set in London. It’s a romance between a commitment phobic lawyer in his fifties and the quirky artist he meets one summer. It’s friends to lovers which is one of my favourite tropes.

The BL Xpress would like to thank Lily Morton for taking the time to answer our questions!

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