Upcoming Asian Dramas Part V

I’m continuously amazed with the current onslaught of new stories that seem to spilling out of the Asian BL potboiler.

Major production houses are investing their time and energy in creating diaspora of BL dramas with intriguing ideologies and handsome casting. While the BL universe is slowly broadening his mindset beyond the “High School and Engineering Faculty Romances”, we have more mature depictions of LGBTQ lifestyle. Today’s feature includes some newly introduced BL dramas that are creating quite a buzz on the social circuits. Without further ado, let’s get to learn more about these shows that will most probably grace the silver screen in the later half of 2021!


Cutie Pie The Series


Adapted from author Bam Bam’s novel of the same name, “Cutie Pie The Series” is Mandee Channel (Producers of the highly popular Thai BL “Why R U The Series”) third venture in 2021 (alongside Middleman Love and Bed Friend The Series). Starring popular actor Zee Pruk (Why R U The Series) with New Chawarin in main roles, the premise focuses on the arranged marriage between a businessman with a promising future and a young master from a well-known family. Zee Pruk will play the role of mature businessman Hie Lian, while newcomer New Chawarin portrays his better half, Kuea.

The drama has a star-studded cast which includes Max Saran with Nat Natasitt as one of the side couples. This is Max and Natasitt’s fourth outing, after starring as a BL couple in recent Thai BL miniseries “Why R U The Series”, “Y Destiny” and “Close Friends The Series”. Max will portray the character role of Hie Yi while Natasitt will play the role of Kon Dearw.

The other side couple include newcomers Yim Pharinyakorn and Tutor Koraphat. Yim will portray the character of SinSaMur, while Tutor will play the role of Nuea.


The sons of two companies were engaged to each other. One doesn’t want an arranged marriage while the other wants to win him over. Meet Gilayn Wang and Kuea Keerati very soon!


The storyline is obviously quite different from the normal cliché romances in Thai BL culture. I’m looking forward to watching a more mature representation of same-sex marriage in a BL drama. For now, enjoy the sensual vibes between our main lead couple in this short teaser released by Mandee Channel!

“Secret Crush On You” The Series


Adapted from the novel of the same name and co-produced by Thai BL actor Saint Suppapong, Secret Crush On You is being marketed as a college love story where Saint plays the role of “Cupid” to bring our main couple closer. Starring Billy Patchanon (North) and Seng Wichai of “Why R U The Series” fame as Toh, the show focuses on their slow burn romance, as they inevitably fall in love with each other.


The secret of a young nerd who falls in love with a senior of the past 3 years. The dream that is out of reach, watching from afar

is the only thing he could do

“You said I was falling in love. Some said that I was very sick. Daisy said I was gay. But I think I’m a completely new stalker.”

But what happens, when one fine day, the world creates a coincidence for Toh to get to know Neua (North), the person he has been in love with for a long time. Opportunities that came unexpectedly cause chaos for Toh and their gang until they spun. Where there is love, a secret must be kept hidden. Despite being daring and the reckless, if the heart doesn’t have the courage, the opportunity will never be easy to find. Will this work or will it fail? What will a beginner stalker do with his love?

Character Profiles

● Billy Patchanon plays the titular role of North (Nuea)

● Seng Wichai plays his nerdy love interest Toh.

● Asavarit Pinit will plays the role of Heng.

● Pittikorn Sirisawan will portray the role of Khao Chao.

● Weerapong Oodheng will plays the role of In

● Wisarut Khamkam will portray the role of Daisy.

●Sarocha Chan Kimha will play the role of Gift

● Becky Armstrong (Tharntype fame) will portray the role of Rain

“Don’t Say No” The Series


Popular author Mame is back with her new romance on the block. A spin-off to her highly successful franchise “Tharntype The Series”, “Don’t Say No The Series” will present second lead couple Leo and Fiat’s love story in more lucid details. Starring First Chalongrat and Ja Phachara, this show will solely focus on best friends Leo and Fiat’s romance. First and Ja recently starred in the second episode of on-air Thai BL miniseries “Close Friend The Series”. As such, their third venture together will be full-blown version of events that finally bring our estranged couple together. If you have watched the second season of “Tharntype The Series”, Fiat’s unruly attitude causes undue problems for the main lead couple and that leads to his breakup with Leo. Nevertheless, the audiences appreciated First and Ja’s sweet chemistry which might the reason behind this spin off.

Character Profiles

● Ja Phachara and First Chalongrat will reprise their roles of Leo and Fiat from “TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love”.


“If I am that right person for you then from now on, you can’t say no to me.”

From friends to lovers. How will this relationship go, when one is a good guy but the other one is a bad boy. Is it possible to turn a bad boy into a lover?

“Art Adore En” The Series


Adapted from popular author Jamie’s novel of the same name, Art Adore En has an interesting premise. Starring “Friends Forever The Series” main couple Leo Peerapun and Tai Thanaphat in lead roles, the storyline focuses on the life of an innocent country boy who goes to study in a city college (Bangkok) and ends up losing his heart to a conniving senior. The production house is still in the process of casting and quite a few popular BL actors like Boat Napat, Pavel Phoom, Run Kantheephop, Chap Suppacheep, Kokliang Parinya have auditioned for roles in this upcoming venture.



When Ray, a brash art major from abroad, met Lloyd, an innocent English major, a tangled web of romantic and hilarious situations forms this coming-of-age story of university experiences. Ray, an art major from abroad with a bad boy handsome look and standoffish personality, found himself rooming with Lloyd, an innocent English major with a sheltered and simple background. The sly fox found himself falling for the wide-eyed angel. And when Lloyd asked him for help with his English lesson, Ray did not hesitate to turn the situation to his advantage.

The Theory Series


Another BL novel adaptation, “The Theory Series” features three variant characters Khunpord, Tawan, and Tai who have different beliefs in love and their succeeding storylines. Dome Woranart (2Moons), Ken Prarunyu (Lovely Writer), Benz Natthapong (En Of Love), and Ohm Pasawit (Deal Lover) have been cast in major roles. We don’t have any information about their character profiles yet, but the production house has shared the actor’s pictures on their social media handles.

“Meow Ears Up” The Series

Based on Japanese Manga “ほら、耳がみえてるよ!”, “Meow Ears Up The Series” will be directed by Lit Samajarn who has helmed major projects like SOTUS and My Engineer The Series. Starring James Prapatthorn as the titular lead Meow (The Effecth and Love By Chance fame) and Gap Kittichat as Dermdem, the storyline focuses on the fictional romance between of a stray cat that turns into a human and his new owner.


The story is about a comic artist who grew up in an orphanage and, the only “warm and happy feelings” he knows is through letters. Dermdem sees a stray cat and takes the cat home with him. One day, the cat suddenly turns into a human. Apparently, he’s from the “ear tribe”. Meow changes Dermdem’s boring life to utter chaos. But in the midst of all that chaos, Dermdem gets to learn the true meaning of life and finally finds warmth and happiness.

Character Profiles

● Gap Kittichat will portray the role of Dermdem while James Prapatthorn will play his feline love interest, Meow.

● Bright Thanapon will play the role of Faiyen, while Bodo Schaefer will portray the role of Evan. They are the second lead couple.

● Kris and Por are the other supporting couple and will portray the character roles of Jin and Manni.


Fragrance of the First Flower

The latest addition in GagaOOLala’s new anthology “Queer Up The Volume”, Fragrance of the First Flower is the winning project from their pitching sessions last November and will be directed by Angel Teng, writer of the film “Bao Bao”. This miniseries will be GagaOOLala’s second original lesbian series after the Singaporean-Taiwanese show “Handsome Stewardess” which bought worldwide recognition, courtesy its distinctive storyline. Starring Taiwanese actresses Lyan and Lin Chen-Shi, the show follows the journey of two high school “friends” who reconcile after fifteen years. While neither of them has remained single after all these years, the emotions and desires for each other still remain.

News Update

Seizing Dreams


IQIYI has released the new poster of their upcoming modern fantasy drama Seizing Dreams (adapted from the Chinese BL novel of the same name) on the eve of their “2021 World Conference”. Starring popular actors Bi Wenjun and Wang Ruichang in main roles, the show follows the journey of Yu Hao, a college student as he battles his inner demons with the help of a mysterious visitor – “General” – who is a dream traveler.
Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

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Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)

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  1. Cutie Pie is actually Max and Nat’s fourth series together: Why R U, Y Destiny, Close Friends, and now Cutie Pie.

    Great write up! I’m excited for all of these!


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