“Word of Honor” Theme Concert Day Two

The second day of the “Word of Honor” Theme Concert wasn’t any different from their premiere night.

The concert venue reverberated with excitement, The event commenced. The events on the second day were organized to bid farewell to the hugely popular Chinese BL. There may not be any future concerts or events, unless of course the main leads meet at any of the upcoming television awards ceremonies. While die-hard fans were obviously saddened by this news, YouKu officials have tried their level best to lessen the blow, by putting together a commendable show. Without further ado, let’s take a walk down the memory lane, as we review the events organized on the second day of the Theme Concert!

First Event- Talk Session with the Entire Cast

The first event started with the introduction song by our main actors ZZH and Gong Jun whilst the rest of the cast joined them on stage. During the introduction, ZZH took a dig at the fact that he was holding a microphone instead of his sword. The cast members really love shipping WenZhou together, specifically Huang You Ming (Ye Bai Yi), Wang Ruolin (Zhao Jing) and Hei Zi (Gao Chong). The “Elderly Triumvirate” are really hellbent on getting WenZhou married. The first event also had some hilarious moments with constant bickering between Huang You Ming and our main actors (they have the same bittersweet relationship off screen, literally embodying their characters). Later ZZH and Gong Jun were asked to sing a duet, which they dedicated to the audiences.

● The next event was the soulful rendition of “Gu Meng” by ZZH. He was reportedly suffering from laryngitis and yet he didn’t falter while singing. That’s some serious amount of dedication!

Second Event- Live Bickering Session

I have no idea how the event organizers came up with such weird yet funny ideas for their themed concerts. Obviously, Word of Honor is blessed with a rambunctious and wild cast (unlike most Bromance dramas), so the entertainment value was tripled.

In the second event, the game was to choose a fruit & act out a motion to go with it. Zhang Zhehan choose Shijia (sugar apple) while GongJun chose lianwu (wax apple). As always, Gong Jun lost and he had to compliment three of his co-stars as punishment.

Gong Jun first complimented Cheng Ling (Sun Xi Lun) commenting on the fact that ZZH didn’t teach him properly and his martial arts skills improved because of WKX instead. When he gestured at Sun Xi Lun to repeat the same, the adorable child actor retaliated saying “He taught me better than you.”

Next, Gong Jun complimented Huang You Ming by calling him an “Old Monster”. In their usual style, both of them started bickering and Gong Jun had to rush to ZZH for help. In the end, Gong Jun concluded his comment sarcastically by quoting

“If I didn’t insult you too badly, it’s already a compliment.”

Lastly, he complimented his co-star ZZH profusely and made him blush immensely. There is no in-between when these two start complimenting each other. Another interesting tidbit was ZZH acting possessive about Gong Jun(only he has the right to punish Gong Jun, he won’t allow others to do the same).

Third Event- Guessing the Right Song

The third event started with Gong Jun learning how to rap (it was really adorable, how can someone be so cute?). The game for this event was that each actor had to sing a song with headphones on and the other actors had to guess it. The first one to sing was Gong Jun (he sang rather badly) and yet ZZH correctly guessed the song. Zhou Ye was the next one to sing and ZZH guessed the song correctly again. The guy is a musical maestro! Both ZZH and Gong Jun worked so much in tandem, that even the MC’s commented on their synchronization.

● Singer Huxia gave a live rendition of Word of Honor OST “Wu Ti”. The performance was as mesmerizing as the recorded version.

● Since the live event hit 10 million likes, the audiences were allowed to unlock a special feature where the MC’s led them to ZZH and Gong Jun’s dressing room. While ZZH teased Gong Jun on his habit to play music in the dressing table; Gong Jun took the opportunity to recommend the brands he promotes.

Final Act- Tian Ya Ke Song

For their final act of the day, ZZH and Gong Jun sang the theme song “Tian Ya Ke”. Both sang in sync beautifully and they were truly complimented each other. ZZH was especially proud of Gong Jun, whose singing talents have improved in spades. I’m in love with their offscreen chemistry which is quite natural and doesn’t seem forced. They share genuine affection and respect which is missing in most BL couples.

Final Message to the “Word of Honor” fandom

Gong Jun spoke first and he got really emotional while thanking the cast and crew. He also expressed his gratitude for co-star ZZH and mentioned that this show will always be an unforgettable journey for him.

ZZH gave a heartfelt speech where he thanked his solo fans as well as the fans of the “WenZhou” ship. His fervent acknowledgment of both fandoms displays his mature demeanor and also shows his respect for his ardent fans. ZZh then shared some words of advice for Gong Jun and his love for his younger co-star was evident. Gong Jun got overtly emotional and they hugged.

This concludes the events for the second day. The show was memorable in its execution of the subtle romance between its main leads. The event might be the last time, we see the entire cast together, but the sweet memories will last forever!

●Gong Jun and ZZH posted their farewell pictures on Weibo.

● The cast and crew had a celebration banquet after the conclusion of the concert. Some pictures of ZZH and Gong Jun from the banquet!

●Wang Ruolin (Zhao Jing) shared his backstage pictures with Li Daikun (Scorpion King) on Weibo while bidding farewell to the show and commented: “Xie’er, it’s so nice to have met you. Did you know that?”

I’m sure we will never forget this evil Father-Son duo!

For now, we are leaving you with some memorable moments from the event!

[●Picture Credit- Original Sources

●The BL Xpress would like to thank WanningBegonia (@WanningBegonia) and cdrama tweets (@dramapotatoe) for translations]

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