“Word of Honor” Theme Concert-Day One

Themed Concerts are always a surreptitious affair for the fans of any BL show.

The country of origin doesn’t make any difference as BL dramas are fast becoming a global phenomenon. Despite their lack of explicit scenes, Chineses Mainland Bromance dramas have distinct hints of forbidden romance that is uncharacteristically brilliant and subtle. As such, when YouKu decided to hold a concert for their recently on-air Chinese BL adaptation “Word of Honor”, the anticipation and excitement was immeasurable. YouKu officials managed to put together a memorable event which will forever etched in the minds of the ardent fans. The sheer joy and camaraderie that the entire cast share, their comfort levels and emotional entanglements certainly left the audiences spellbound. We are keeping our promise of delivering the latest exclusive news updates on the glitterati of the BL world. This news features some sweet moments from the concert which will leave you emotional and high-strung. Buckle your seatbelts as we take for a ride through the events planned for Day One of the “Word of Honor Theme Concert”

Pre-Concert Conversations

The cast of the popular show seemed to be suffering from jittery nerves before the event started. Handsome actor Li Dai Kun (Scorpion King) confirmed the same when he was in the pre-concert conversation with Zhou Ye (Gu Xiang), Asher Ma (Cao Wei Ning) and child actor Sun Xi Lun (Zhang Cheng Ling). The main leads Zhang Zhe Han and Gong Jun joined in the next round and the conversation took a hilarious turn because of their recurrent bickering (ZZH reportedly loves teasing Gong Jun). They were both saving on energy and maintaining their voice quality for the planned events later. It was reported earlier that GJ was bouncing around the stage during the rehearsals. When ZZH pointed out that there is no need to be so excited for afternoon rehearsals, GJ adorably admitted that he didn’t have any prior experience!

First Event- Talk Session with the Entire Cast

The session started with a cute introduction song by ZZH with the Four Seasons Manor Family- Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Asher Ma and Sun Xi Lun. Later, the entire cast sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation with the MC’s. It was noticeable that the main leads ZZH and Gong Jun (JunZhe) were lost in their own world. The MC’s asked the entire cast to write down their most memorable scene in the show. JunZhe were so immersed in conversing that the MC took a dig at their obvious closeness. Another interesting tidbit was the revelation of how much the entire cast ships the main leads together. It was a rambunctious affair and both ZZH and Gong Jun couldn’t stop blushing (kind of endearing).

When the cast revealed their answers, Gong Jun replied that his memorable scene was “when WenZhou were enjoying the sun”. ZZH replied that his favorite scene was where ZZS defends WKX from Ye Bai Yi and points out that “You aren’t worthy”. Listening to their thoughts about both scenes and also their personal connection with their characters was heartwarming. It also shows how much they were in sync with their character’s emotions. Such a dedication is unprecedented!

● The first session was followed by ZZH’s beautiful rendition of Gu Meng. You can’t help but fall in love with his soothing voice.

Second Event- Live Flirting Session

Each actor was alloted a number. They have to assemble into small groups and hug each other. The objective of this game was to club the actors together so that the number corresponds to that of the alloted one. Our main actors started scheming as soon as the event started and the MC had to warn them against cheating. After several rounds where each group tried to outdo each other, Gong Jun lost in the last round. ZZH decided that Gong Jun’s punishment would be to dance. Obviously, Gong Jun wouldn’t do it alone and the event ended with ZZH singing “Fighting the Tiger (Love’s Cha Cha)” while Gong Jun did an awkard dance number. Word of Honor’s entire cast is a madhouse with too much energy and seriously it couldn’t get any better than this!

Third Event- An Excuse to Grope Each Other

The event organizers literally thought that it was a good idea to let the show’s crazy cast play a game of “Find the Nail”. Gong Jun and ZZS played “Rocks Paper Scissors” to choose their team members first. ZZH and Gong Jun were asked to trash talk about each other. Obviously Gong Jun failed, because he is a softie!

The team members were later asked to hide the nails into their leader’s clothing and the adversary team leader was required to find it. ZZH was left utterly flustered by the time Gong Jun got done with finding the nails. Li Dai Kun decided to have fun at Gong Jun’s expense. Nevertheless, the entire event turned into an elaborate groping session and the audiences were surely entertained. The event ended with a live recreation of ZZS-WKX and Ye Bai Yi “You aren’t worthy” scene. Since both Gong Jun and Huang You Ming (Ye Bai Yi) act like school kids even offscreen, the reenactment turned into hilarious kids fight, while ZZH watched their antics amusingly.

● The next event was Huo Zun’s soulful rendition of Word of Honor‘s Jin Lai Shu. I was left spellbound and speechless!

● This was followed by ZZH’s performance of Word of Honor’s popular OST “Wu Ti”. His alluring voice is truly mesmerizing.

Gu Xiang and Cao Wei Ning Marriage Ceremony

I cried bitter tears when I read the part where Gu Xiang and Cao Wei Ning were murdered mercilessly in the novel. I hoped that the drama adaptation would give them a second chance, but was left heartbroken with their evident death. I’m sure that the entire fandom felt the same. As such, the event organizers decided to undo the damage and grant some reprieve to the ardent fans. First, Zhou Ye and Asher Ma performed the song “Yuan Mie” together. When Zhou Ye got overtly emotional, Asher Ma lend his support while leading her through the song. They really do make a beautiful couple!

The event marked their wedding with ZZS and WKX presiding over the ceremony. In the part where the bride and groom are supposed to bow in front of their elders, actors Zhou Ye and Asher Ma bowed in front of their senior actors ZZH and Gong Jun. ZZH and Gong Jun then helped them to tie the red threads of fate around their wrists.

● Gong Jun’s message for his solo fans and the show’s fandom will make you devastated. His speech betrays the emotional attachment, Gong Jun has with the drama as well as his love and respect for co-star ZZH.

● ZZH expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew and thanked them for this opportunity.

● The next part of the event was the most anticipated rendition of Word of Honor’s theme song by our main lead couple ZZH and Gong Jun. Although they did get emotional, both actors also enjoyed themselves while singing to their heart’s content.

● For the ending credits, ZZH and Gong Jun sang “Tian Wen” together. During the performance ZZH got confused. Surprisingly, Gong Jun helped him and bought him back into the act. It was an interesting turn of events because ZZH is better at performing in live events and is more experienced out of the two. Also, while leaving the stage ZZH and Gong Jun were supposed to leave from the opposite sides, but ZZH gestured to Gong Jun. Gong Jun followed him immediately, clearly forgoing the given instructions. I’m in love with their enviable chemistry and friendship.

This concludes the events for the first day. Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates from Day Two in our next news feature. For now, we are leaving you with some stunning stills from the event!

[Picture Credit- Original Sources

The BL Xpress would like to thank WanningBegonia for translations (Twitter-@WanningBegonia)]


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