Upcoming Asian BL Dramas Part IV

We are here with the fourth installment of the upcoming shows that are set to premiere this month.

While the first quarter of 2021 saw a steep rise in the release of BL shows that focused more on quantity than quality, the “May Primetime” dramas might break the jinx. The shows in today’s feature are highly anticipated ones and the entire BL fandom is buzzing with excitement. Without further ado, let’s get down to business and learn more about the BL dramas that will grace our silver screen very soon!


Nitiman The Series

Adapted from the novel of the same novel, the premise for this show might seem cliché. Engineering faculty romances are abundantly available in the Thai BL industry and they don’t get any better than the previous works. However, the major attraction of this upcoming show is the new casting and their refreshing chemistry. Starring Jom Thanathorn and Noh Phouluang in lead roles, the show portrays the character’s tumultuous relationship as it goes through several upheavals. The drama also stars popular BL couple Kaownah Kittipat and Turbo Chanokchon in supporting roles (this could be taken as their debut as a BL couple, because their previous show got shelved).


Jinake Saman is the university moon in the engineering faculty, known across the campus as the hottest moon. There was the saying among the campus “Nothing and no one was hotter than Mr. Jin!” One day his girlfriend breaks up with him,and he falls apart in despair. He later discoveres that his ex-girlfriend is law student Bom’s cousin. Jin misunderstands that Bom and his cousin are flirting while Bom actually likes Jin. Bom has liked him since he was a freshman one year ago when Jin exchanged Bom’s lunchbox (because he couldn’t eat anything spicy) with his own food and rice. As feelings grow between them, can Jin understand Bom’s true intentions and come to see Bom as more than just a junior?

Plan T.N Entertainment has released a trailer for this upcoming drama, while the show is set to premiere on 7th May at 10.45 pm.

I Promised You the Moon

The sequel to Nadao Bangkok’s popular melancholic romance saga “I Told Sunset About You” finally has a name and a release date as well. Titled as “I Promised You the Moon”, the show is already attracting worldwide attention because of its disruptive title. ITSAU ended with the main characters Teh and Oh-Aew’s reconciliation as Teh finally accepts his feelings for Oh-Aew. Ardent fans were quick to point out, that the phrase “Promise You The Moon” literally means “Making very big or impossible promises that you are unlikely to keep”. The connotation seemingly symbolizes Teh’s wavering mindset and fluctuating emotions (as such, he won’t be able to uphold their promise of “Forever”).


Teh and Oh-aew were best friends until a boyhood line of reasoning turned them into rivals.

Years later as they’re preparing for university admissions, both pursuing interests in the field of Communication Arts, the two meet in a Chinese language class.

Their reunion awakens complicated and unstable feelings.

The sequel is a continuation of freshly united lovers’ story as they begin college!

The highly anticipated miniseries is all set to premiere on Line TV platforms from 27th May, 2021. It is still unknown if the audiences would need a paid subscription to watch the show (the first season was available for rent on streaming portal Vimeo). Since the regional unavailability created alot of problems for the diehard fans, here’s hoping that Nadao Bangkok will learn from their mistakes and the sequel wouldn’t suffer from geoblocking issues!

Bed Friend The Series

Mandee Channel (Producers of the highly popular Thai BL “Why R U The Series” introduced the teaser for their upcoming drama “Bed Friend The Series”. Starring Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon in lead roles, this show is based on “Enemies to Lovers” trope. This is Net and James’ second outing as a BL couple in titular roles (they are starring as a supporting lead couple in “Middleman’s Love, alongside popular BL couple Jimmy Karn and Tommy Sittichok). The teaser is sizzling hot and their chemistry is spot on.


Uea is a very private person who hates casanovas, while King is smart and is a casanova. King and Uea work in the same office and both are best friends with Jade. They don’t like each other but begin to have a particular “relation” for some reason.

(Adapted from a novel by littlebbear96)

Character Profiles


Net Siraphop will play the role of King Kunakorn. “King” is a handsome office man with a good job, but he likes to flirt too much. He never had any girlfriends, only “Friend with Benefits”


James Supamongkon will be playing the role of Uea Anon. “Uea” is a beautiful young man, is introverted, insanely private, and most importantly, hates womanizers.

Fahlanruk The Series

“Fah Lun Rak” adapted from the best-selling novel written by author BamBam which has sold more than “1 million copies” is finally back on track. The show has been in the pre-production stage for more than a year and the cast was recently announced on Fahlanruk’s social media accounts. It seems that the workshops and subsequent shooting will start soon. For now, we have profiles of the various characters alongside the actors portraying the roles.

Character Profiles

●“Fahlan” is a 4th year Economics student. University sportsman who comes from rich family. He is also smart, tall and handsome, good at both sports and study. He never gives up on things easily and he is the ideal man that everybody dreams about.

●“Sherbet” is 3rd year Architecture student. Long haired with thin beard and fair skin. He is a handsome musician who never speaks his mind, is callous and doesn’t believe in love.

●”Gear” is a 3rd year Architecture student. Student president who is skilful, smart and good looking. even girls has a crush on him. He is steady in love.

●“Prince” is 3rd year Architecture student. Sherbet’s best friend. He is an adorable man, nice and gentle.

●”Tap” is 4th year Economics student. Fahlan’s close friend. Even though he looks cheeky and playful, he is straight forward, thoughtful and delicate person.

●“Ping” (Silly Ping) is 4th year Economics student. Fahlan’s close friend, he is talkative, cheerful and good looking. Tap is an honest and optimictics person.


Be Loved in House: I Do

Anticipated Taiwanese BL “Be Loved in House: I Do” is all set to premiere on 20th May, 2021 on popular streaming portal Viki. Starring popular HIStory actor Aaron Lai (HIStory: My Hero) along with Hank Wang, the storyline is based on “Boss and Employee” relationship.


Founded about 10 years ago, Seisei Studio is in danger of going bankrupt before Jin Yu Zhen, a person who excels in management, appears and becomes the new director. On the first day of his directorship, the atmosphere of the studio changes completely when he enforces a single rule which prohibits romantic relationships and marriages between employees, and that the violation of the rule would result in a dismissal. To abolish the rule, the employees of Seisei Studio collude a secret plan. Shei Lei, an employee, approaches Yu Zhen to snoop for information about the love life of this domineering director. As a result of various encounters, he finds out that the tyrant director is still hurt from his past relationship and is suffering from loneliness. Knowing that he still possesses a heart, Shei Lei becomes curious about Yu Zhen.

Character Profiles

Yuzhen Jin

●Aaron Lai will play the character of Yuzhen Jin. Jin is the domineering new president (Art Director) of the “Seisei Studio”. Although he seems arrogant, Jin shows his gentle side only to his “proud employee-Shi Lei” that he cares about.

Shi Lei

●Hank Wang will play his love interest Shi Lei. Shi Lei is “Seisei Studio” team leader. He is bright and open minded, but in reality. After meeting the domineering Kim Yoshin, he tries to accept his weaknesses.

● We also have Liao Wei Po and Deyn Li playing the supporting roles of a cafe owner and Seisei Studio’s employee respectively. These two will probably play the role of the second lead couple.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)

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