Feral (The Wrong Alpha, #2) by Alessandra Hazard

Feral is the latest addition to the paranormal series “The Wrong Alpha”, which is another spin-off to Alessandra Hazard’s popular “Calluvia’s Royalty” series.

Hazard sure seems to be in love with this universe, since we have three book series originating from the Calluvian intergalactic system. While “Calluvia’s Royalty” and “Master’s Series” were subjective to the sci-fi genre with a touch of royalty, “The Wrong Alpha” combines Calluvian traditions with omegaverse. Although this book is standalone, I would strongly recommend reading the prior series, before diving into this paranormal romance. In the first book “Unnatural” we are introduced to the warring nations Pelugia and Kadar, both are ruled by non-shifter alpha wolves. On the Galactic Council’s insistence, both countries agree to the amenable solution of a political marriage. As such, Prince Haydn of Pelugia and Senator Royce Cleghorn of Kadar are quickly married. The first book stresses on the importance of dominant alpha culture and how their dormant tendencies affect the main characters’ relationship.


Sometimes kissing the Beast doesn’t turn it into a Prince Charming—instead, he’s a charming prince you want to punch…

Jules is an ordinary nineteen-year-old omega from a perfectly respectable family. He’s not the most beautiful, or the smartest, or the strongest of the four Blake siblings. And he’s fine with it, really. He isn’t ugly or anything, but by omega standards, he’s nothing special. “Nothing special” describes Jules’s whole life. It’s utterly boring.

So when strange things start happening in their house, it piques Jules’s curiosity. There’s a beast in the Blake family mansion; Jules is sure of it. He sometimes hears growls and screams coming from the basement, and the men guarding the door look positively terrified.

What could terrify grown alphas? Jules will have to investigate!

But his investigation comes with surprises…like the Beast’s overwhelming effect on Jules’s omega nature. It doesn’t mean anything. Of course it doesn’t. Jules is just curious; that’s all.

Curiosity can change a life, but when you’re attracted to a feral alpha whose real face you haven’t even seen…will it change for the better? What if the Beast is no Prince Charming but a cold-hearted, cynical bastard? A bastard Jules shouldn’t want—but does. A bastard Jules should stay away from—but can’t.


The prologue gives us a chilling interlude where a shifted Xeus Alpha is locked in the basement of omega Jules’ mansion. His devious Uncle is experimenting on the Xeus Alpha for conclusive results on the effects and antidote of the forbidden drug, Kerosvarin. In his attempt to help and save the Xeus alpha, Jules ends up losing his virginity and they form a premature bond. However, Jules is forced to rescue his bondmate (because his Uncle plans on murdering the shifted alpha) and unfortunately their bond is broken. Jules assumes that his alpha is dead and is left devastated.

The storyline then shifts its focus to Devlin ‘Dev’ Schaefer, the handsome and devious Duke of Westcliff. He is Prince Hayden’s cousin and also the next heir to the throne. Since Prince Hayden choose to live with his husband, King Steven of Pelugia disowns his own son and Devlin is elevated to the position of the Crown Prince. The only glitch is this entire scheme is Devlin’s Xeus status. As the only Royal Alpha with shifter genes, he has spent his entire life masking his emotions and true nature. He wears a charming facade to hide his feelings and as such, most people fail to gauge his innermost thoughts. To turn the public opinion in his favor, Devlin starts courting Liam Blake, who is considered as the most suitable omega of the current season. His carefully crafted schemes are however overturned when he encounters Jules Blake, Liam’s overprotective younger brother. Jules is unlike most conservative omegas and as such Devlin is intrigued with him. While Jules suffers from the side effects of his broken bond, Devlin offers his support as an Alpha. The intrigue slowly gives way to attraction as both of them try hard to fight their feelings for each other. But Jules’ fatal attraction to Devlin’s pheromones leads to an unexpected sexual encounter that leaves them both reeling from shock. The confirmation of Devlin and King Steven’s true relationship is another blow to his already feral nature. Despite the fear of controversy, Devlin chooses to listen to his heart. As such, when King Steven tricks him and announces his announcement to Mr. Blake, Devlin turns the table by accepting his feelings for Jules. The epilogue was rather vague where Devlin and Jules subsequently realize that Devlin is Jules’ original bondmate, who was caged by Jules’ Uncle.


Alessandra Hazard’s books are highlighted by the sexual tension between the main characters. While her “Straight Guy Series” focuses on straight men fighting their intense attraction to their submissive better halves, in “The Calluvian Royalty Series” we are left enthralled with an imaginary parallel universe where all sexualities exist in harmony. “The Wrong Alpha Series” stretches the borders of this imaginative universe into the paranormal genre. Insanely hot alphas with feral temperament and fragile yet strong omegas who speak their mind fearlessly!

Alessandra Hazard’s books are always characterized by dominants who are handsome and also arrogant. Although Devlin fits the base description, the truth is far from the reality. Because of his shifter Xeus genes, Devlin is used to societal rebuke and humiliation. As such, he was trained by his nanny (who is actually his omega mother and King Steven’s mistress) to hide his emotions and mask his strength to evoke public sympathy. He has a carefully cultivated image and reputation as the Duke of Westcliff. Jules, on the other hand is an unconventional omega whose appearance is similar to a beta. Compared to his lovely brother, Liam (who has a string of suitors), Jules suffers from inferiority complex.

Devlin and Jules are complete opposites in terms of their appearance and temperaments. While Devlin is a master manipulator, Jules is brutally honest. Their interactions are comic gold and the banter is highly flirtatious. While Jules tries hard to derail Devlin and Liam’s courting phase (because he believes that Devlin isn’t suitable for his elder brother), Devlin is amused with his annoying ministrations. In most cases, the dominants in Alessandra Hazard’s books have a fiery temperament. But Devlin is the exception to the rule. He is extremely patient with Jules’ random outbursts and is drawn to the lacklustre omega. The consistent theme throughout Alessandra Hazard’s books is “I desire him, but I shouldn’t”. The main leads try their level best to defer from their base emotions, but end up spiraling down the rabbit hole. The interesting facet of this book series is the mythology related to omegaverse. This book has an intriguing mix of paranormal romance coupled with modern sci-fi technology. It is entirely unbelievable and yet you are drawn to this alternate universe with its forbidden mystique.

Another fascinating aspect is the family dynamics. Devlin’s strained relationship with his father will leave you wounded. Although he doesn’t have affections or respect for his Father, Devlin’s love for his half brother Hayden is heartwarming. While reading the first book, I was pleasantly surprised with Devlin’s protective instincts for his cousin. This book sheds light on their actual dynamics, because although Hayden is in the dark, Devlin always knew that Hayden is his younger brother. Similarly, Jules has a close-knit relationship with his elder brother Liam. Most of the time, Liam sounds like a materialistic omega, but deep down he is a elder brother looking out for his younger siblings. As such, forgiveness comes easily to Liam, when Devlin chooses Jules as his bondmate instead.

Overall, I was able to relate to the character’s and their individual struggles. The characterization is enthralling, the storyline is appealing and Alessandra Hazard delivers on her promise of “a high tension paranormal affair”. If you are a huge fan of her gay romance novels, then this book should be high on your “Want to Read” list. Its guilty pleasure after all!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

Photo Cr- Dreamer (IG- purplebookishwitch)


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