Y Destiny Ep.3 & 4 Review

“Some people love one person,

Some people love two people,

But I love only one person,

And that person is You”

This is the tagline for the “Sunday born” Sun’s story that introduces us to a breezy romance between a tutor and his student who has been labelled as the “Devil’s Child”. There isn’t anything intrinsically different about this storyline and yet it tugs at your heartstrings because of the sensual chemistry between the main leads. Popular “Why R U The Series” couple Max Saran and Natasitt Uareksit’s second outing as a romantic couple is ostentatious as compared to their previous show. Natasitt’s interpretation of his character was lively and seductive, while Max’s version of love interest Sun was subtle and mature. The script for the third and fourth episodes was slightly better than the pilot episodes (which was an utter disappointment). Without further ado, let’s review the current episodes and figure out if they are worth watching!

The Flustered and Shy Tutor

Max Saran plays the titular role of Sun quite convincingly and his chemistry with Natasitt is inflammable. Compared to his portrayal of an arrogant footballer “Dew” in Why R U The Series, Sun is a much more likeable character. The third episode introduces Sun as a college student who has lost his monthly expenditure on betting. As such, when his friend Puth recommends tutoring session to earn some quick money, Sun reluctantly acqusices. However, the tables are turned when he is introduced to the rich and spoiled kid, Nuea. Their first meeting ends in a major argument and Sun isn’t interested in tutoring the exceedingly arrogant manchild.

When Nuea corners both Sun and Puth in returning his money, Puth reluctantly reveals that he has already spent the tutoring fees. To save his friend, Sun agrees to tutor Nuea. Thus, begins an interesting cat and mouse game where Nuea tries every trick in his “Book of Seduction” to pique Sun’s interest. Sun’s flustered expressions will leave you amused, as he tries hard to ward off Nuea’s advances. Ultimately, he does fall hard for his naughty student, the consequences be damned! Max’s portrayal was on the mark, with subtle nuances that uplifted the character’s shy nature and sweet demeanor.

The Cat Who Wants to Lick The Cheese

Natasitt’s Nuea is my far my most favorite character in the “Y Destiny” series. This character distinctly reminds me of Imagase Wataru from the Japanese BL movie “The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese”. The difference between these characters is that Nuea is definitely less manipulative and more attractive than Imagase. But when it comes to seduction, both are on par. Nuea’s rich lifestyle and his arrogant demeanor scream “Spoiled Kid”. This is an image that he loves to project. Underneath the tough exterior, Nuea displays a vulnerability that reveals this character’s innate need for love and affection.

While the third episode heavily focused on building his image as a “Seductive Siren”, the fourth episode displayed his true nature. While initially he callously flirts with Sun and tries to gain his attention, it is later revealed that Nuea has been in love with Sun for quite some time. Natasitt’s sensual acts project Nuea’s yearning and his micro expressions will leave you stunned. I was pleasantly surprised with the cunningness portrayed by this 18-year-old actor, which manages to uplift the mood of this rather mediocre script. His chemistry with Max’s Sun is off-the-charts and the romance keeps you entertained!

The Overtly Seductive Romance

Y Destiny is one of those shows which tries to overcome the inadequacies of its mediocre script with its memorable pairings. Copy-A-Bangkok has managed to turn the tide in its favor, by casting two actors who are comfortable in their own skin. Max and Natasitt’s visible age difference doesn’t affect their chemistry which oscillates from sweet to sensual within microseconds. One of the most memorable moments in yesterday’s episode was the scene where Sun takes a drunk Nuea back home. In his drunken stupor, Nuea confesses his love and they almost kiss, but unfortunately Nuea falls asleep. Sun is left speechless and his naked yearning is quite viable. And yet, he reins in control and kisses Nuea’s forehead instead. The main point highlighted here is “Consent is Important”.

Unlike the first two episodes where the main characters had a minor misunderstanding which was entirely unwarranted, the romance in the current episodes is hindered by Sun’s wrong assumptions. Watching them drift apart was heartbreaking, because Sun’s sudden avoidance leaves Nuea utterly confused. I’m glad that the ensuing conflict was short-lived and they reconcile immediately. The online confession was a nice touch and I was left surprised with Nuea’s sincerity. He has been pinning after Sun since their first chance encounter. The entire scheme to seduce Sun and make him fall in love might seem excessive, but it is understandable from Nuea’s point of view. They both belong to two different worlds and hiring Sun as his tutor is the only possible solution to getting closer to his love interest. Their blossoming relationship becomes the highlight and it was an enjoyable experience. The storyline is loosely scripted and doesn’t draw much attention. The only saving grace is Natasitt and Max’s sexual chemistry which stretches thin and leaves you speechless.

Certainly one of the better episodes in this series (even if not the best), Sunday Dessert serves a scintillating romcom that is both hot and rambunctious. If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy that leaves you smiling wide, the third and fourth episodes of Y Destiny should be definitely on your watchlist. Sun and Nuea’s romance was coherent as compared to Tew-Ait’s (pilot episodes) and that is enough reason to watch them fall in love!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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