Upcoming Asian Boys’ Love Dramas- Part III

The BL Xpress is here with the third installment of the upcoming shows, while bringing you exclusive news related to the BL universe.

Asian BL dramas are turning up the heat with frequent addition of new shows that is setting the parameters too high in terms of the quality production and variant storylines. Add in the factor, that each show is most probably a star-studded affair, the anticipation is skyrocketing. Without further ado, let’s get down to business and learn more about the BL dramas set to premiere in the first quarter of 2021!


Light the Darkness


Popular author Priest’s novels are the current flavor of the season. After the phenomenal success of recently on-air Word of Honor (adapted from her wuxia fantasy Faraway Wanderers), Priest’s novels are supposedly in high demand. Adapted from her book “Silent Reading” (默读), Light the Darkness is a crime thriller focusing on the journey of rich heir Fei Du as he joins Police Detective Luo Wen Zhou in his investigations. Both have a romantic relationship in the book, which would be tailored to suit the requirements of the Censor Board.

Starring popular actors Zhang Xincheng (Fei Du) & Fu Xinbo (Luo Wen Zhou) as leads, the filming allegedly began in February. There has been no confirmation about the same. The drama is being by co-produced by Youku and New Style Media (The Untamed). I have been reading the novel which is an intriguing mix of crime thriller with murder mystery elements along with Priest’s usual flair of subtle romance. I’m actually quite happy with the cast selection, because Zhang Xincheng almost resembles his character while wearing glasses and I can certainly visualize Fu Xinbo portraying our gruff detective with a soft heart!


Childhood, upbringing, family background, social relations, traumatic experiences… We keep reviewing and seeking out the motives of criminals, exploring the subtlest emotions driving them. It’s not to put ourselves in their shoes and sympathize, or even forgive them; it’s not to find some reasons to exculpate their crimes; it’s not to kneel down before the so-called “complexity of human nature”; nor to introspect social conflicts, much less to alienate ourselves into monsters. We just want to have a fair trial – for ourselves and for those who still have hope for the world. (Source: novelupdates)

Chasing the Light


Possibly the most anticipated Bromance of this year, WeTV’s  Chasing The Light is already a fan favorite because of the close camaraderie between main leads Wang AnYu and Fan Cheng Cheng. As such, the social media outlets are littered with pictures taken by the paparazzi who are constantly haunting the shooting spot. The pictures betray their beautiful chemistry and we are absolutely in love with this adorable pair. Adapted from the novel “Sa Ye” by Wu Zhe, this drama follows the journey of Jiang Cheng as he rediscovers the importance of relationships and learns valuable life lessons.


Jiang Cheng is an exemplary youth who excels in his studies. He was adopted since young, but was abandoned by his foster family and moved back with his father. Faced with an unfamiliar surroundings and a gambler father, he develops a rebellious character. His life took a change when he meets Gu Fei, a roguish and tough guy. As they get to know each other, they develop a close friendship and thus begin a journey of redemption as they help each other heal and grow through their pains.

(Source: DramaWiki)

Seizing Dreams


iQiyi’s new modern fantasy drama Seizing Dreams (Duo Meng), based on the BL novel by author Fei Tian Ye Xiang is another anticipated BL 101* adaptation. Starring young actors Bi Wen Jun as Yu Hao and Wang Ruichang as Zhou Sheng, the drama follows the journey of Yu Hao as he enters into a mythical dream world and with the help of an imaginary “General”, meticulously slays his personal demons in that dimension.


One night, Yu Hao, a college student who was at his wits’ end had an unexpected encounter with a mysterious visitor – “General” – who had a dream traveler. He led Yu Hao into solving the countless riddles that abounded in the realm of the conscious and lit up the fire beacons on the meandering Great Wall. Thereafter, the darkness retreated, the sun rose, and when the long night was thoroughly lit up, Yu Hao who existed, in reality, was reborn. The black dragon that roared, the lighthouse and demonic eye on the coastline, the rain forest before Chichén Itzá, the fierce beasts that wreaked havoc in the Colosseum with the bizarre projection of reality in one’s consciousness reflected the hidden place that the sunlight, in reality, couldn’t touch – the innumerable sins of the human heart. The journey of seizing dreams continues, and one can only hope that the sun will continue illuminating the human heart. Fire beacons on the Great Wall were lit up to signal a border invasion.

(Source: Book’s synopsis)

[Since I’m currently reading this novel, here’s a simplified version of the book’s storyline. Yu Hao is a timid orphan who makes a living by tutoring school students. He is wrongly accused by the Father of one of his student’s of stealing his watch and is at the risk of getting suspended from his college. Under extreme stress, one night when he falls into deep slumber, Yu Hao enters a different dimension where he gets acquainted with a strange “General” who helps him slay old demons in his subconscious mind. As they grow closer, the General helps Yu Hao rebuilt his self-esteem, until his true identity is finally revealed.]

Here are some stills from the show’s blessing ceremony. I’m looking forward to watching this drama, because the urban fantasy quotient as well as the handsome pairing is certainly making me curious!

Guardians of the Lands


As I have already mentioned, Priest is the current fan favorite when it comes to adaptations. One of her another novel “Of Mountains and River (Shan He Biao Li)” is being adapted as “Guardians of the Lands”. Produced by popular streaming web portal YouKu, the show stars Chen Xing Xu as Chu Huan and Chen Hai Liang as Nan Shan. The production house recently had a blessing ceremony for the drama which is slated to start shooting in the upcoming months.


While chasing a group of drug traffickers, a former agent finds himself stranded in a small town in the mountain. There, he finds an entrance to a mysterious world filled with shadows. Together with the leader of the mountain guards, they launch a strange adventure in the new world.

(Source: DramaWiki)


You’re My Sky The Series


World Y Entertainment’s upcoming Thai BL “You Are My Sky The Series” is an intriguing mix of sports drama coupled with romance. Starring Tae Chayapat (Y Destiny fame) as Tupfah and Suar Kritsanaphong as his love interest Thorn, the show chronicles their journey as they rediscover love, affection and warmth in the midst of tough competition. The drama also stars two other couples in supporting roles, Boom Thanut with Jump Kananat as well as Kris Sakris with Porsche Tanathorn. We have some pictures from a recent event that the cast attended and the three couples seem to share an adorable chemistry as well as great camaraderie.


The story focuses on a first-year student Thorn who has been secretly in love with the College Jock Tupfah. As they both train together, Thorn slowly falls for the handsome Tupfah and despite his close friend’s warnings, one day confesses his love. Tupfah who is highly competitive and doesn’t trust anyone easily, wants to focus on his game instead. Will Thorn be able to bridge the distance and melt Tupfah’s heart?

World Y Entertainment has released a trailer for this upcoming drama, while the premiere date is still under wraps.

Bitter Sweet The Series


After the success of their last venture “My Engineer The Series”, Tri Creation is back with a sweet gourmet romance starring their popular BL couple Cooper Patpasit and Poy Kritsanapong as a CEO and pâtissier. The show also stars Inntouch Naphat and Shane Nutchapol in main roles, but it still isn’t confirmed if they are the second lead couple.


Kim (Cooper) is a handsome executive with a discreet personality. He is the definition of Perfectionist. He took up the position of Executive Director of Hotel Villa De Bangkok after his parents passed away. He has been taking care of the entire hotel and his only sister. He has secrets that he can’t tell anyone. Ryu (Poy) is the talented pâtissier of Hotel Villa De Bangkok and specializes in desserts. He is a good looking young man whose always has a bright smile with the belief that sweets give joy to everyone. Paul( Shane) is the handsome, charming, heir to Hotel Villa De Bangkok partners. He is a playful and flirtatious man. Ladies can’t deny his charm. Although forced to be a strong rival with Kim the other heir to the hotel since childhood, Paul has never let it affect their friendship. Jim (Inntouch) is a close friend of the hotel owner. He is also the Head Chef of the restaurant. Under that smiling face, he is perfect at hiding his true feelings. Jim has his own dreams and he endeavors to accomplish them, even if he has to go through alot of difficulties.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear


Channel 3’s upcoming Thai BL is fantasy drama based on the concept of “Unrequited Love”. Adapted from the novel of the same name, The Miracle of Teddy Bear stars Thai actors Sarin Inpitar (Taohu / Nueng) and Job Thuchapon (Peeranat / Nat). SBFive member Tee Thanapon and First Parada play the second lead couple while Judo Tantachj (Thatarn) plays Sarin’s love rival.

Based on the fantastical element of a teddy bear coming to life which leads to complications in its owner’s life, the drama will showcase their romance as they fight against time to stay beside each other.


Taohu is a giant white teddy bear and has been Nat’s object of comfort for ten years. However, he isn’t an ordinary teddy bear, he has the ability to communicate with other objects and items in the house. One day, unbeknownst to Nat, the teddy bear was miraculously turned into a young man, however, that young man can’t remember anything about himself. Taohu tried to find his own background, but everything became complicated when he found out that his background was connected to the dark secrets of his owner’s family. He had to hurry because his time as a human is running out and he wanted to discover the secrets of his background so much, but he also wanted to be closer to the person he loved the most. Will Taohu be able to find the answers to his questions and reveal all the secrets he wishes to know? And would there be another miracle that may allow him to fulfill his wish?

(Source: Shannon0l0 at mydramalist, aspects taken from Lazy Subber)

Channel 3 has recently released the trailer for this drama and the storyline really looks promising!

Bite Me


Based on crime thriller author Sammon Scene’s romantic novel “Grab A Bite”, this show is a sweet love story between Chef Eua and a delivery boy Ake. Starring Mark Siwat (Love By Chance fame) with Zung Kidakarn, the drama is already drawing attention because of the onscreen chemistry between the main leads.

Chef Eua, the second runner-up of The Chef Master, is still not able to step up to be the number one chef. He spends every day feeling as though there is something missing and as a result, is unable to improve his cooking. However, one day when he ordered a delivery, he never imagined that what he was missing would be discovered in a normal delivery boy named Ake who hides the ability of extraordinary skills that normal people wouldn’t have.

(Source: Shannon0l0 at mydramalist)

A short trailer was released recently, which introduces the characters and highlights their story. Check out the trailer here-

The Tuxedo The Series


Another Thai BL that is creating a buzz is “The Tuxedo The Series”. Starring rising BL actor Chap Suppacheep (Y Destiny and Lovely Writer The Series) with Green Phongsathorn (2moons2 The Series, Hotel Stars The Series), the show’s storyline is still under wraps. However, the production house has been actively promoting the show on social media and creating the requisite anticipation.

Character Profiles


Chap, Suppacheep as Nawee. He is a billionaire man who doesn’t have to work, has money to spend for his entire lifetime. Nawee is impatient, self-willed, self-centered, looks harsh outside, but actually he is fragile and weak inside.


Green, Phongsathorn Padungkeattiwong as Aiaoon is a skilled suit tailor, the eldest brother who cares about people around him. He is loved by everyone, but he doesn’t trust anyone.

Ping, Guntapat Kasemsan Na Ayudhya as Thawin is a 12th grader studying in an international school. He is as self-willed and self centered as his elder stepbrother, Nawee.

Garto, Pannawit Pattanasiri as Art is a quite boy who is warm and embraces everyone. He is always honest with strangers, but closely guards his heart when it comes to people who are close to him.

Pond, Khunnapat Pichetworawut as Oab is a 2nd year collage student of the Faculty of Accounting,. He is also the store manager of AOA store.

Tape, Worrachai Sirikongsuwan as Sichol is an unemployed man. He is rather poor, a provincial man who trying to settle down in Bangkok. Tape is an easy-going person, loves to help and sometimes he is a bit clumsy, he is also a sincere person.

(Profile Translation Credit- fitri @NIELRAMYE0N Twitter)

The show’s official Twitter account has shared some stunning stills from their photoshoot.

We also have official pictures from their recently conducted workshops and the sensual chemistry between Chap and Green is quite obvious!

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)

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