The BL Xpress Talks to “Meet My Angel The Series” Star Kaleb Ong

Kaleb Ong is recently in the spotlight for his intense portrayal of his character role Damon in the recently on-air Pinoy BL drama “Meet My Angel The Series”.

Kaleb is known to deliver his variant roles with panache and subtlety. We approached Asterisk Management and they were kind enough to arrange an exclusive interview with this busy actor. Kaleb enthralled us with his spontaneous replies, which display his passionate nature. Let’s get to know this actor closely, as he shares details about his upcoming shows and personal life!

1. You are currently starring in two on-air Pinoy BL dramas, as Alvin in “Alter The Series” and Damon in “Meet My Angel The Series”. You have also been cast in the upcoming drama “Serpiente”. How did you get selected? Share your experiences!

I saw a casting call in a Facebook group that was dated on the month of December 2020. I tried my luck and auditioned for it, during that time though the title of the series that I was originally auditioning for was not yet stated. After the day of the audition, I got a messaged that I got a role for their upcoming project which is the upcoming series “Serpiente”. After doing the shoot for 3-4 days, I was again messaged that I was selected to portray the role of Alvin, then during the shoot of “Alter the series”, the producer and director of Meet my Angel the series have already told me that he was planning to make a series and that he wants me to portray the role of Damon, and from there I was so excited and happily accepted the role, I also already know the concept of the story and I was already in love in the story and the characters involve in it.

2. Your character roles are different from each other. Talk to us about your variant roles?

Alvin is male servant for the twins with a character of being meek and kind of simple minded since he grew up in a province, Renz is a Loving Best friend for the people around him but will bite back when he reaches his limit. And of course Damon is a Person that have a very loving heart, a very emotional heart that have been disappointed severely because of certain twists of events that happened to his life that led him to be the person we saw on the first part of the Series Meet My Angel, where he would shut people out of his life, not believing in God, and trying to put an end on his own life. but because of Angelo’s Care, Love, and support, the emotional person that have been locked up inside Damon have again re emerged and shows the world that the loving person who he always have been have again returned and is now willing to face the challenges head on.

3. In “Meet My Angel”, you play the character Damon who is HIV+ patient fighting for his life? How did you mentally prepare yourself for this role? How difficult it was to bring this character alive?

Before every scene where I need to portray the character of Damon, I give time to myself to internalized the emotions. I also study myself how would I react if I was in the shoes of the person who is likely to have a time limit on their life where it would only take a matter of time where he will meet his end. I also tried to see what would be the emotion that would build up when I feel that all the people around me, friend and family members have began distancing themselves because they are disgusted of the illness that is currently tormenting my body.

4. Give us more insights about your character and the possible storyline in the upcoming drama “Serpiente”?

Renz will be a person that is full of trust for the people that is around him but as the story progress, we will see him changed from that good person to a fighter.

5. Tell us a little more about yourself? Your likes, dislikes and favorites?

I love reading books, specially if it is about fantasy. I’m the type of person where you can leave somewhere and when you return you will see that I’m still there as long as there is an interesting book on hand. I can also live without internet connection for a few weeks as long I’m reading or doing something that I like. I love the colour of pastel specially pink pastel and I like cooking. I also go to the gym or do exercises in order for me to maintain my body and not get fat or out of shape.6. Who are your favorite actors, from whom do you draw inspiration? What kind of movies you prefer to watch?A. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and John Lloyd. These actors and actresses are my favourite. Because all three of them showed how to be versatile in the field of acting. One show you can see them as a villain, then the next you can see them as someone who is being bullied. You can see how they express their emotions in screens and how they play the characters well. I especially enjoyed horror-thriller, and Rom-Com drama movies. Because both movies shows a wide variety of extreme emotions. Plus in the horror-thriller movies I give close attention to the main villain and see how they are doing it, since I dreamed of someday portraying a role where I can be like them. And in the Rom-Com Drama I love it so much because it touch a part of my emotion where I sometimes say to myself that Love truly is something wonderful.

7. What is your opinion about BL content? Philippines is currently seeing a sudden surge of Pinoy BL dramas? What do you feel about this?

BL is story where it involves true love, no matter what the gender is, what the society tells, Love is Love and will always be victorious. And me seeing that Philippine BL is surging, I’m Very happy and excited, because I know for a fact that this is one of the steps that will make the old belief and judgemental eyes of our society be removed. And this will show to our nation that no matter what happen, love is love and loving someone is never wrong.

8. In “Meet My Angel” you portray an atheist character who falls in love with an angel? How do you relate this storyline and romance?

I have an experienced before where I have fallen in love with my close friend, and because of that I kept on praying that somehow, she may give me a chance. But that chance never arrived and we even grew apart. Because of that I felt that urged to question him and ask why does it have to happen, I kept on praying but why does it looks like it was never heard. But as time flows, I realized that we were never meant to be, because if we ever did it might give me more negative effects that positive ones. I learned from that experience that prayer always helps. And the Lord is always there listening to us, because the Lord knows what is truly great for us. Because after that experience I managed to realize that I was slowly loosing myself in the process where I was loving my close friend.

9. You seem to have an refreshing chemistry with your “Meet My Angel” co-star Enzo Santiago? How comfortable are you both working with each other?

Actually before the shoot of the series, I was really shy. But what happened is that during the script reading, he messaged me if we can talk through the phone and do our own script reading to fully understand the story. and after the script reading we talked for hours through the phone and I learned a lot of things from him. We told stories about ourselves and we broke that awkward barrier. And during the shoot I find myself very comfortable working with him, we even managed to laugh and do jokes while we are shooting the series. And I can say that he is a great scene partner, because whenever we do our scenes and sequence I can fully feel the emotions he is portraying.

10. You will be getting famous as a Pinoy BL actor? How are you planning to handle the subsequent attention?

Just like how I lived my life. I will still remain the same. And if I find people appreciating me, I will surely express my gratitude to them.

11. Will you continue to work in BL dramas in future? If yes, then what kind of scripts would you prefer?

Yes I will, and as for the script, I have nothing in particular in mind, as long it is heartfelt, made with love and dedication. And inspiring, then I would readily accept it.

12. As young Filipino Actor, what is your message to the international BL community?

I would love to extend my deepest gratitude to the BL community. And I would love to request to keep on supporting every film and series that our country has to offer because I know that every film and series have been made with love and dedication of the people involve in it. And again Thank you for always supporting us all.

The BL Xpress would like to express their gratitude to Kaleb Ong and Asterisk Management for this Exclusive!


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