Killer and Healer Mid Series Review (Ep.13 to 24)

While the initial episodes were abysmal in storytelling, the succeeding episodes were fast-paced and the story is proceeding at a strikingly amazing rate.

Killer and Healer is one of those few Chinese Bromances, that actually showcases the main lead’s relationship realistcally and doesn’t sideline their romance. Yes, we do have a female love interest who spends quite alot of time swooning over the Police Officer (who arduously stays away from women), but she is rather portrayed in a positive light.

While Chen Yu Zhi and Jiang Yue Lou grow closer, our second lead couple Zhan Jubai and Yu Tang Chun spend most of their time playing calculative games. I’m amazed with their chemistry as well as resilience. Unlike the main lead couple who love and support each other unwaveringly, our second lead couple are overtly cautious with different agendas. Without further ado, let’s review the current episodes, because I’m pretty excited to explore their new dynamics!

As Yu Zhi breaks through Yue Lou’s mental blocks, Yue Lou shares his painful family history. They start working in tandem to capture Jinma Hall’s main henchman Wang Meng. Yu Zhi acts as a chaperone and helps Yue Lou is setting a trap for revealing the Mafia Boss San Ye’s true identity. However, Yue Lou is caught unaware in a murder conspiracy and gets arrested for the same. Commissioner Bai and Yu Zhi work in tandem and finally San Ye’s true identity is revealed. However, the show leaves us reeling with a shocking discovery that exposes Zhan Junbai’s dubious nature. While the main lead couple are working hard to arrest San Ye, Zhan Junbai’s feelings keepsoscillating between Boss Yu and Chu Ran. Although he detests Zhan’s Second Uncle, Boss Yu is earnest in his affections for Zhan Junbai. What will happen when both Yu Tang Chun and our main couple discover Zhan Junbai’s real identity? Will they bring him to justice or will Zhan Junbai tear them apart?

The Never Ending Romance

Chen Yu Zhi and Jiang Yue Lou are one of the very few Chinese BL couples who have been blessed with unhindered romantic scenes. The main lead actors Mao Zi Jun and Ian Yi are doing a commendable job portraying their characters honest emotions and that sets the par too high for future BL adaptations. As Yu Zhi returns home after his ordeal, he pleads with Yue Lou to unburden his painful memories and seek treatment. I was entranced watching this conversation because their relationship undergoes a tactile shift as Yue Lou exposes his deepest wounds and Yu Zhi offers him support. Yue Lou’s revelation hits you hard and you can’t help but feel sad for the lost kid whose family was torn apart due to opium addiction. From there, our main couple form a close bond which extends beyond professional boundaries. Their late evening conversations are heartwarming, as they both return home to seek each other’s company. Mao Zi Jun and Ian Yi have a sensual chemistry and their soulful romance will leave breathless. Especially those scenes when Yue Lou holds onto Yu Zhi’s neck, gazes at him lovingly and softly caresses his nape while explaining his point of view. Yu Zhi is always rendered speechless in those scenes, because obviously being at the receiving end of Yue Lou’s intense stares isn’t an easy task.

Another interesting facet of Yue Lou’s personality is his strong aversion to female love interests. It could our innocent Chu Ran (who can’t help but moon over Yue Lou) or the annoying Zhao Moqing (Zhao Jing Ming’s sister). Although he is never outright rude to Chu Ran unlike Moqing whom he despises to the core, Yue Lou’s only preference is our Doctor Yu Zhi. Even his subordinates notice the change in his nature. Simply put, Yue Lou is a happy camper whenever Yue Zhi is around and has no interest in either Chu Ran or Moqing. While Yue Lou is more open about his affections, Yu Zhi hides it well. But the fact remains that their relationship extends beyond “Brotherhood” and Yu Zhi is quite aware of Yue Lou’s feelings.

Yue Lou’s sudden mood swings always get him into trouble and while handling an angry mob, he ends up shooting a rude worker, who tirelessly provokes him. As such, Yu Zhi spents most of his time trying to save his angry man and despite the fact that Yue Lou is apprehended for the murder, Yu Zhi doesn’t give up on him. He again teams up with Commissioner Bai and according to Yue Lou’s plan, exposes Zhao Jing Ming’s dealings with the drug mafia. Obviously they don’t know that Zhao Jing Ming isn’t San Ye, but has been turned into a scapegoat by the real one (Zhao Junbai).

The show portrays their relationship in a sweet and gentle manner, so much so that I’m in love with this trajectory. Yu Zhi is a positive influence on Yue Lou and it’s pretty obvious that Yue Lou is getting better at controlling his temper because of our earnest Doctor. Watching them enjoy the snow together as they map their future will always be one of the most memorable moments in this drama. The show also manages to bless us with fleeting moments where our main leads make indirect confessions. It could be those scenes where Yu Zhi comments on the fact that Chu Ran might have feelings for Yue Lou and our Police Chief looks at him incredulously like he has lost his mind. The succeeding scene where Yue Lou’s subordinates questions Yu Zhi about his marriage plans is another confirmation of their relationship. The anxiety on Yue Lou’s face is replaced by absolute relief when Yu Zhi replies in negative and you realise that Yue Lou is pretty whipped for this man.

As compared to other Chinese Bromances which try hard to foreshadow their main lead’s romantic dalliances, this drama is littered with subtle wordplay that clearly references the true nature of their relationship.

“Once you are in danger save yourself first, then save others.

If you want to take risk, then I can’t stay out of it”.

Yue Lou has been a loner his entire life and except for his adoptive father, he doesn’t trust people easily. And yet he bestows that trust upon Yu Zhi and is insanely protective of his man. Yu Zhi on the other hand offers love and support, the things that Yue Lou has always yearned for. They balance each other beautifully and their relationship is tethered to mutual respect and trust. So, when Yue Lou falls into a trap yet again and gets arrested (I have never ever seen a Policeman getting arrested so often, he spents far too much time inside the jail, than outside), Yu Zhi is worried sick about his mental imbalance. The show does manage to surprise me with a sudden twist, because not only Yue Lou keeps his calm but also manages to expose the real culprit (his mother Jiang Chengnan). Good times never exist when it comes to our sweet couple. Yu Zhi is left devastated when Yue Lou is caught in a crossfire and is gravely injured by his own Mother. For now, the drama has clearly defined their relationship as romance and I’m hoping that they won’t deviate towards the “Bromance” pothole. Fingers crossed!

The Scheming Couple With Revenge Plans

Zhan Yunbai tries to compensate for Yu Tang Chun’s efforts to save him and takes him back to his mansion. But Junbai is an increasingly dubious character and his actions are highly suspicious. So while Junbai does care about Boss Yu, he also spends a majority of time feigning interest in Chu Ran. He gets jealous of Boss Yu’s close relationship with his Junior Zining and at the same time tries to woe Chu Ran. At the end of the day you are left confused with his machinations because Junbai is excellent at masking his true emotions. Boss Yu on the other hand trusts Junbai and yet he can’t help seeking revenge against Junbai’s Second Uncle. Boss Yu cleverly masquerades around the mansion, while waiting for an opportunity to murder Zhan Tian Qing (Junbai’s Uncle).

Despite their individual issues, the show cleverly portrays their closeness against the background of revenge. Boss Yu might be the only person whom Zhan Junbai trusts implicitly. While Yu Tang Chun doesn’t harbor any deplorable intentions towards Zhan Junbai, he isn’t exactly forthcoming about his real identity either. Both of them are invariably attracted to each other but also suffer from major trust issues. I wasn’t exactly surprised when it was revealed that Zhan Junbai is actually the dreaded mafia boss, San Ye.

Unaware of Zhan Junbai’s true identity, Boss Yu attempts to shoot Zhan Jing Ting and Zining ends up sacrificing her life to save Boss Yu. Although his Uncle shoots the girl and Junbai is left with no option but to follow his command, Boss Yu’s tormented face leaves him reeling from shock. Although Boss Yu is fast becoming his weakness, Junbai tries hard to keep his feelings at bay. He can’t tolerate anyone hurting Boss Yu and goes to the extent of punishing Yu’s new replacement when he bullies Yu Tang Chun. The striking contrast between their personalities will leave bewildered. Zhan Junbai is a brutal and ruthless warlord while Boss Yu is kind and caring. Boss Yu’s honesty and caring nature draws Zhan Junbai and he can’t help falling for the elegant opera performer. The only major glitch in this addictive love story is that each of them are hiding their own secrets and when they are revealed, their deception will be shattered to pieces.

Overall Impression

The storyline was pretty abysmal in the initial episodes, but the scriptwriter has managed to turn the tables in the current episodes. With random twists and turns that keep pique your interest and keep you hooked, this show is certainly a worthwhile watch! The chemistry between both the main couples is highly entertaining. I tend to spend more time enjoying their sweet moments rather than pay attention to their backstory. The mystery and intrigue related to the mafia lord was easily discernible.

Mao Zi Jun definitely plays the reformed Police Chief quite well and his subtle expressions add layered nuances to this character. Ian Yi on the other hand portrays Chen Yu Zhi realistically and his soft demeanor makes the role entirely endearing. Chen Yu Cheng and Patrick Quan’s depictions of their characters is so convincing that you actually feel sorry for these star crossed lovers who were never meant to be together! If you can handle the angst and rampant heartache, then this show should be high on your watchlist. I will be back soon with the review of the finale episode, so keep watching this space for more updates on this romance thriller!

Rating- 4 out of 5


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