Upcoming Asian Boys’ Love Dramas- Part II

We are here with the second installment of our popular feature, which keeps you abreast with the exclusive news related to the BL arena.

The BL industry in the subcontinent is churning out new shows at an alarmingly fast rate and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to touch base with all of them. But fear not, because “The BL Xpress” aims at making your life easier, so you can just sit back, enjoy your morning cup of tea as we bring you the latest updates on the upcoming anticipated BL dramas of 2021!


Fish Upon the Sky

The new kid on the FriGay block, Fish Upon the Sky will take over the evening slot of current favorites “A Tale of Thousand Stars”. Adapted from a novel written by Jittirain (Theory of Love & 2gether), the story focuses on the romance between a loser and his rival, locked in an intense love battle. Starring Phuwin Tangsakyuen as Pi and Pond Naravit as Mork, the drama is all set to premiere on April 9, every Friday at 21:30 PM.


Pi has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is not confident enough about his looks, he is helpless. At least until Duen and his friends help him get a makeover to boost his confidence. When Pi finally has the guts to approach his crush, he meets his love rival, Mork. Pi tries to surpass Mork in everything to get the attention of Nan but he is not lucky enough to beat him. However, everything changes as Pi starts to feel a different set of feelings towards Mork, making things more complicated.

Watch the show’s trailer here and enjoy the breezy romance!

2gether the Movie

Probably the most anticipated movie of this year, GMMTV actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin will be reprising their roles of Sarawat and Tine in this upcoming summer romance. The movie is going to be “Complete Edition” which will combine both the prequel 2gether The series & sequel Still 2gether. The movie version will focus more on Sarawat’s point of view on some scenes, such as the story behind their first meeting and the reason why he said: “Keep looking at me like that and I will kiss till you drop”. There will also be “Hidden Scenes”, which are actually new scenes that were filmed to bind the story together. GMMTV has also promised a new OST and the end of the movie will be different from the drama series. Slated for release on April 22, 2021, we are still awaiting news about the film’s international premiere. Fingers crossed!

Watch the movie’s trailer here, as Sarawat yet again serenades his better half, Tine with a classic proposal!

Close Friend โคตรแฟน

Close Friends is an ambitious project launched by Thai streaming portal Viu Thailand. This show is designed as a musical video miniseries starring six of the most popular Thai BL couples. The six couples are as follows-

1) Kim Varodom & Copter Panuwat (2moons, Gen Y The Series)

2) Jimmy Karn & Tommy Sittichok (Why R U The Series)

3) Ja Phachara & First Chalongrat (Tharntype Season Two)

4) Nat Natasitt & Max Saran (Why R U The Series)

5) Lay Talay & Yoon Phusanu (YYY The Series)

6) Ohm Thitiwat & Fluke Natouch (UWMA)

“When ‘LOVE’ comes to a turning point…How much will you ‘BELIEVE’ in love?

“Please pretend that you still love me”-Marc

Starring Ohm and Fluke, the first MV will release on April 22, 2021, every Thursday at 21:00 PM on VIU.

Nitiman The Series

Adapted from novel of the same name, Nitiman The Series is based on the love story of Engineering Moon Jin and law student Bom. Starring newcomers Jom Thanathorn and Noh Phouluang in titular roles, the show also features popular BL couple Kaownah Kittipat and Turbo Chanokchon in prominent roles.


Jinake Saman is the university moon in the engineering faculty, known across the whole campus as the hottest moon. There was the saying among the campus “Nothing and no one was hotter than Mr. Jin!” One day when his girlfriend broke up with him, he fell apart in despair. He later discovered that the girl who broke his heart was the cousin of law student Bom. Jin misunderstands that Bom and his cousin were flirting when actually he likes Jin. Bom has liked him since he was a freshman one year ago after Jin exchanged Bom’s lunchbox (because he couldn’t eat anything spicy) with his own food and rice. As feelings grow between them, can Jin understand Bom’s true intentions and come to see Bom as more than just a junior?

The drama is all set for premiere on May 7, 2021 and a short trailer was recently released on their official account!

“I Told Sunset About You Part” Season Two

The most anticipated Thai BL of 2021, the sequel is a continuation of freshly united couple Teh and Oh-aew’s love story, as they begin college. While the immensely popular first season focused on Teh and Oh-aew’s budding friendship which ultimately leads to romance, the show was intensely focused on Teh’s confusing emotions as he came to terms with his sexuality and love for his best friend. The sequel will most probably portray their newly established relationship and the major upheavals that they will most likely encounter as they start their college life. While actors Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit will be reprising their titular roles of Teh and Oh-aew, Nadao Bangkok has also added popular Thai BL actors Oab Oabnithi (The Blue Hour) and Na Naphat (UWMA) to the rooster. ITSAU S2 premieres on May 27, 2021 and will most probably be available on streaming portal Vimeo (for paid subscription).

Middle Love

Thai BL couple Jimmy Karn and Tommy Sittichok are rather famous for their effervescent chemistry and compatibility. After starring in popular dramas like “Why R U The Series” and the recent special episodes “Saifah Zon Story”, this couple is all ready to set your screens on fire one more time. Adapted from a novel by littlebbear96, Middle Man follows the journey of Jade, who suffers from rampant insecurities and ardently believes that he is just a “Middleman”. Starring newcomers James Supamongkon and Net Siraphop, this is the first ever BL drama based on office romance.


Jade (Tommy) works as a graphic designer. He is always the one in the middle. Middle child. He has got an average grade in school. People around him either his siblings or his friends are so good-looking that he has always been overlooked or becomes just a middleman for those who want to know his siblings and friends personally. Jade has been in this situation for years and has to accept it unwillingly. He has built a high wall in his heart. He does not expect a romantic relationship since he has learned that whoever comes to him just want to get close to the people around him. One day, his office welcomes an intern called Mai (Jimmy). Mai is an attractive student who is popular among the girls in the office. Jade notices that Mai often stares at him and his friend, Uea (James). He thinks Mai is interested in Uea, and yes- he will become a middleman for this again. But, he does not know that the one Who actually catches Mai’s eye is him. Let’s see what will happen when the middleman will not be overlooked as before!

The show’s official twitter account have released a short teaser and the drama looks promising!

Golden Blood

Following into the footsteps of highly anticipated mafia romance “KinnPorsche The Series”, we have another BL drama based on “Boss and Bodyguard” trope. Starring Gun Napat (Love By Chance S1 & S2) and newcomer Boat Tara, the drama will focus on their character’s relationship as they toe the line between their personal and professional lives. We don’t have a confirmed date for the premiere of this show, but it will most probably premiere in the second quarter of 2021. The show’s official Twitter account have shared some stunning photos and videos from their photoshoot!


The Story of the Bat

Adapted from the novel “Bat” (蝙蝠) by Feng Nong, upcoming Chinese Bromance “The Story of the Bat” has finally wrapped up filming. Starring Mao Zi Jun (Killer and Healer), Gala Zhang (Insect Detective), Rain Lu, and Liu Yuhan (Ultimate Note) in main roles, the show follows the journey of four young heroes hailing from the prominent families of Wulin. This show is MGTV’s second BL adaptation after their currently on-air drama “Killer and Healer” which is fast garnering the attention of local and international audiences. This is also main lead Mao Zi Jun’s second BL drama who is quite popular on the social circuits for his intense portrayal of Police Chief Jiang Yue Lou in “Killer and Healer”. The drama also features young actor Liu Yu Han who recently starred in popular Chinese Bromance franchise “Ultimate Note”. Yu Han was largely appreciated for his acting talents and refreshing chemistry with co-star Liu Yu Ning. As such, this show is on the top of the most anticipated dramas and will most probably premiere in 2022. I’m totally excited about watching this adaptation, simply because I’m in love with the main leads and their flamboyant acting talents!


Feng Jun Long, Bao Shao Qing, Xu Ling Xiu and Sima Yan are four young heroes hailing from the prominent families of Wulin, who work together to investigate the famed murderer “Bian Fu (Bat)”. In the midst of investigation, they unveil the mystery left behind by the good and evil forces of Jianghu twenty years ago. From constantly suspecting one another to eventually attaining mutual trust and support, the four youths went through numerous tribulations and challenges, bravely pursuing the ideal jianghu and justice of their hearts.

A League of Nobleman

Adapted from popular BL novel Zhang GongAn by author Da Feng Gua Guo (大风刮过) and translated as “The Mystery of Zhang Gong”, this show focuses on the journey of an official and a citizen whose fate intertwined. They team up to solve the mysteries throughout the kingdom. Produced by Tencent Video, the show will have 24 episodes and is slated for release on all platforms of popular streaming portal WeTV.


Zhang Ping is a poor scholar who wanders on the streets, who makes use of his skills in pulling noodles to make a living. Despite being unremarkable in looks, he has a meddlesome nature and likes to involve himself in the cases of the government. Using his sharp observational skills and out of the box thinking, he is able to grasp the unique points of each case. However due to his solitary nature he isn’t well liked by others. Lan Jue, the Minister of Rites, is constantly embroiled in the political strife of the court. Possessing a gentle and elegant appearance, he appears to lead a smooth-sailing life, but actually hides a growth history that is unknown to many. One day as Zhang Ping travels to the capital to take the National Examinations, he accidentally gets embroiled in the Lan Jue’s secret operation. Using his genius reasoning, he managed to solve the case, but also disrupts Lan Jue’s plan, while also discovering Lan Jue’s secret and saving his life. From then on, the two people with a disparity in status and contradictory ideals became close friends, facing tough cases straight on and going through life and death situations together. Under Lan Jue’s recommendation, Zhang Ping slowly transforms from a poor scholar to a minister in the Dali Temple, solving cases and handling affairs in the court; making a name for himself as a genius detective.

Starring Jing Bo Ran and Song Wei Long, the drama will most probably premiere in second half of 2021. Here we have a short trailer released by WeTV Philippines with English Subtitles!

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates on upcoming dramas spanned across the Asian Subcontinent!

(Synopsis credit to MyDramaList).

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