Cut The Series (2021)

After the successful run of his last Pinoy BL drama “90 Days The Series”, Director Trent Joshua Asuncion is back with another new venture “Cut The Series”.

Starring the popular love rivals Aejhay Espinosa & James Andrew Razon from “90 Days”, “Cut the Series” is a timely story about love, dreams, and friendship. While his previous show intended to highlight the HIV stigma in Philippines, the current one focuses on the impact of the pandemic on friendships and human relationships.

The BL Xpress had an opportunity to interview Director Trent Asuncion about his upcoming show and we were left pleasantly surprised with his answers.

1) What inspired you to launch a BL series? What is the background story behind “Cut The Series”?

I wrote the story of Cut The Series just overnight when I was at my room sitting and looking on my friend’s photos. I have lots of friend that I missed so much. That time I reminisced all of our plans and the future , our goals and dreams. And asked myself where are we now? Where are they now? Because of the pandemic we were not able to see each other. We often message because we have our personal lives. The series will tackle friendship , love and dreams. From the memories of my friends , my mind played and my imagination flowed. I thought of a concept which can relate to friendship, love and dream.

2) Why did you choose this subject matter for your current venture?

At first , I didn’t imagine that my series will materialize in real life. Because I just thought “It is just in my mind”. Then I thought of characters which the people especially Gen Z can easily relate to. I want my audience to feel and realize the importance of having your friends supporting them with their dreams. The question now is “ How far your friend will support you to reach your dream, if the only way to achieve it is a lie?”

I offer this series to my friends who have achieved their dreams. I am a happy and proud friend. Though, I’m not always present with them , I’m still love celebrating with them. I am happy seeing my friends achieving their dreams.

3) Also I noticed that you have chosen two actors who played love rivals in your prior show? What is the reason behind this selection?

The reason why I chose Aejhay and Andrew to lead the series it’s because I believe in their talent. I see sincerity. I feel their chemistry. They’re good friends of mine not just my actors. They are very committed and passionate on this craft. That’s why I have no doubt and regret of choosing them.

Director Trent Asuncion was gracious enough to share the character profiles of his new drama’s cast. Since I enjoyed watched his previous work, I’m looking forward to this new venture that might invariably bring back long lost memories of friendship and love!

Keep watching this space for further updates as we bring you the latest scoop!

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