L.O.R.D 2 Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2 (Movie Review)

Following into its predecessor’s footsteps, L.O.R.D 2 is the second edition of Guo Jingming popular “Legend of Ravaging Dynasties” franchise. Unlike the prequel which was ridden with major loopholes, the sequel is a breezy experience as the main lead Chiling adjusts to his new life and tries to understand the problems plaguing his Lord Silver as well as good friend Lian Qian.

As Silver and Lian Qian embark on the journey to rescue Lord Gilgamesh, the narrative gets pretty exciting with various twists and turns that will grab your attention. The storyline deviates from the live-in action drama’s script, but it doesn’t dampen the excitement you feel. The ending credits will leave you shocked or emotional, depending on your connection with the main character’s. Without further ado, let’s review this animation movie which has set the bar too high for any of the upcoming films in the future!

Following up on the storyline from the prequel, L.O.R.D 2 proceeds with Lord Silver and Lian Qian teaming up with Chiling and You Hua to rescue Lord Gilgamesh. Lord Gilgamesh is Silver’s Master who was presumed to be dead. In reality, he has been imprisoned by the Silver Priests. As our team goes through various trials to get closer to the Mound, You Ming and Thalia stumble upon some shocking secrets which reveal the Silver Priest’s grand schemes. While the Lords and their Disciples are successively endangered, Chiling suddenly ascends to Dukedom. Did Silver die while trying to rescue his Duke? How will Gilgamesh restore law and order in Aslan and vanquish the Silver Priest’s tyranny?

The Encompassing Romance Between Silver and Chiling

Silver and Chiling’s relationship is the most beautiful part of this animation series. There are distinct differences between the drama and animation version and as such, the succulent romance here sets it apart. Deviating from the main script, Chiling brazenly accepts his feelings for Silver and its quite obvious that they are beyond the “Master & Disciple” relationship. While Silver wants to ascertain Chiling’s safety, our adorable Disciple is hellbent on staying by his Duke’s side. He even convinces the bratty You Hua to help Lian Qian, because that is the only way to follow his Duke on their dangerous journey. Dangers don’t faze them, their only concern is for each other’s safety. Chiling actually makes his feelings quite clear because You Hua fails to understand why he is willing to risk his life for Silver.

“When you meet someone truly important to you, then you will understand how I feel”

Silver is his Duke, his family and Chiling’s entire world revolves around his Duke. The slow burn tension between Chiling and Silver is viable throughout the movie and I just love how Kris Wu soulfully stares at Cheney Chen with longing and affection. These two actors were certainly the perfect choice to portray these characters. Also, I’m so glad that unlike Yin Chen (Lord Critical World), Silver is quite warm-hearted and affectionate towards Chiling. It makes their relationship so much more relatable. Even in his dying moments, Silver is only worried about Chiling. Chiling on the other hand undergoes a swift personality change when Silver dies and he becomes the new Lord Seventh. Although the premise for the next movie is unknown, Chiling makes it clear that he will forever search for his Duke. Their love is truly beyond time and tide and I’m really looking forward to the next sequel simply because I want to watch them reunite!

Lian Qian and You Hua’s Bridled Romance

Lian Qian inherits Lord Sixth’s (You Hua’s Father) powers and titles to become the first Double Lord in the history of Aslan. This ascension however destroys her fledgling friendship with You Hua who contempts Lian Qian for stealing her Father’s powers and titles. They are forever at odds and although Lian Qian apologizes, You Hua is unable to forgive her. Despite their disagreements, Lian Qian fuses her own Soul Loop with that of You Hua and binds them together in a symbiotic relationship. I’m unable to grasp the mechanics behind this symbiosis, but I’m guessing that most probably Lian Qian and You Hua are now connected for a lifetime. If either of them dies, the other will have a painful existence.

Unbeknownst to You Hua, Lian Qian has revived her damaged Soul Loop and as such, her Immortal Talent fuctions normally. Another important revelation happens inside the Mound, when You Hua is feeding her own blood to the pool matrix. The matrix is designed in such a manner that it needs continous supply of human blood and since Lian Qian is under the enemies spell, You Hua becomes the natural choice for this job.

When You Hua’s life is endangered, Lian Qian risks her own life to save her bratty Princess. However, she is unable to fight the Silver Priest’s new lackeys and both of them are imprisoned. As the Silver Priest recognizes their Soul Bound Connection, he chooses to torture Lian Qian mercilessly. The sequel will probably shed light on their future and give us more viable answers related to this sismance. Unlike the drama version where Rosemary sacrifices her life for Lotus, the animation is still toeing the line on this love story. I’m hoping that Lian Qian reunites with You Hua and their issues are resolved.

The Surprisingly Dark Romance

Thalia is one of those sinister characters that draws your attention because of her polished mechanical schemes. She is very crafty, ambitious and is only worried about her personal agendas. Most of the time, she seems loyal to the Silver Priests who use her for their evil ministrations. And yet, she is very good at collecting information and hiding them as well. As the Duke of the “Heavenly Intelligence Center”, Thalia has access to all kind of forbidden information and that makes her a target. Negative characters mostly don’t seek redemption, but Thalia does! As soon as she realizes that the Silver Priests have activated the “Old Duke’s Elimination Program”, Thalia helps the power-depleted You Hua to carry on her mission, by transferring her own powers.

You Ming on the other hand is largely portrayed as “Lord of Slaughter”. He doesn’t care about much but violence. And yet in his last moments, the only person he cares about is Thalia. These two make a formidable pair and their love for each other is their only redeeming quality. The next sequel will probably shed light, on how these two escape from the Silver Priest’s clutches. I’m hoping they team up with Chiling to bring up the Silver Priest’s downfall, because Thalia is well versed with the information related to the “Monster Origin” phenomenon.

The Nefarious New Dukes and their Stories

The most despicable part of this storyline is the “Dead Silver Priest’s” revival. The escaped Silver Priest had sacrificed his life source to share prudent information with Silver and Feng Hun. He was concerned about the Monster Origin’s revival and hoped to stop his brethren at all costs. Although his Soul is gone, the malicious Silver Priest use his dead body to reinstate him as the new Duke Dask. Dask obviously has no recollection of his past life or endeavors and becomes a willing pawn in their grand schemes. The Silver Priests also align the most dreaded Corrupter from the Dark Caves, Frost as the new Lord Sixth.

These two characters don’t exist in the drama version and as such their diabolical identities added a new twist to the entire controversy. The fact that the Silver Priests convert their reformed brother into an evil Duke is unimaginable. The way both Dask and Frost work in sync is truly astonishing and I’m wondering how well they will fit into the Silver Priest’s plans to replace the current generation of Dukes.

The Shockening Identity of Duke I

Silver is probably the most revered Duke in this universe. As such, the sudden introduction of the Duke was certainly unbelievable. The First Duke is believed to be the most powerful among the current lot and has been mysteriously aloof. The fact that the First Duke, Dezang looks exactly identical to Silver might leave you astonished, but that’s where the similarities end. Unlike the kind-hearted Silver who has a caring nature, Dezang is a “Devil Reincarnate” and doesn’t feel any kind of remorse while killing his targets mercilessly. The animation failed to explain this discrepancy, but it is believed that the Priest’s have modeled Dezang based on Silver’s capabilities. It is yet to be seen if Chiling will be able to defeat Dezang, since he has ascended to the level of Seventh Degree.


Wang Duo is quite popular for playing villainous characters and as such his Qi La leaves a deep impression. As compared to the drama version, where Qi La reluctantly accepts his fate and helps the Silver Priest’s, the animation depicts Qi La as a full-fledged antagonist colluding with the evil to regain power and control. He is a part of the entire tyrannical scheme right from the start and willingly leads You Ming and Thalia to their demise. He is also currently the main chip in the Silver Priest’s plan to replace the older Dukes and yet I wonder how soon it will be, before the Silver Priests eliminate Qi La as well.

I was constantly surprised with the stunning CGI in the sequel. It enhances the entire cinematic experience and delves on the prudent mysteries that might set the stage for the final battle between the Dukes and the Priests. Currently, Thalia, You Ming and Lian Qian have been imprisoned while Silver is presumed dead. Chiling has ascended to Dukedom, but Silver remains his only priority. He refuses to believe that Silver is dead and is hellbent on rescuing his Master. The movie’s ending credits reveal that Lord Gilgamesh has finally been released from his immortal prison because of Silver’s sacrifice. I’m guessing that the third movie would focus on the following issues-

● The current imprisoned Dukes will be rescued and restored to their former glory.

● Silver returns home and reunites with Chiling.

● Lord Gilgamesh kills the Silver Priests and will be assisted by the current generation of Dukes and their Disciples.

I’m totally looking forward to the release of the third movie, as it will answer these important questions. Fingers Crossed!
Rating- 4 out of 5


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  1. Please do and release LORDS 3 we are really waiting for it please don’t make us lose interest in it


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