Pisces the Series (2021)

After the success of his mini-series “Even After“, popular Pinoy BL Youtuber Kelly Fontanilla is back with another BL series on the horizon. Directed by Kelly Fontanilla, Kim Kenneth Paulasa, John Marc Aspa and written by Princess Q Pimentel, Hazleigh Bayquen, Sheneille Quema, Aneli Perlas, Luis Alfred Alcasabas, Menard Marion and Jay Anne Bunang, “Pisces The Series” showcases the unique and colorful story of Pisces who falls in love but eventually got his heart broken.

For those who are unaware, Kelly Fontanilla is a Filipino actor, Filmmaker, and Youtube Idol, born in Bangued, Abra, Philippines. He is currently taking a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Kelly’s previous work “Even After” focused on “Finding True Love during the Quarantine Period on social media”. The show dealt with the concept of acceptance and was an eye-opener to LGBT issues. Love doesn’t focus on gender, but it focuses on two people!

In “Pisces The Series“, the show’s producers are trying to merge astrology with virtual compatibility. Frankly when I read the premise, the storyline reminded me of popular Gay Romance Author Anyta Sunday’s “Signs of Love Series” which is intriguingly similar!

What I love about astronomy is that each constellation tells us a story. Did you ever believe in a soulmate? Are you one of those who reads the daily newspaper to check their luck on the horoscope section? During this quarantine season, a new virtual love story will sashay on the Pinoy BL. A story about how the universe intertwines two individuals who will meet together in a very new portal of the digital era!

How will you ever choose the right and perfect one for you when you are uncertain about how you feel? With so many people who wanted to give love and desire to be loved in this universe…

To promote the show, Kelly Fontanilla has shared the list of actors involved in this project. Let’s take a glance at them!

Hoping to replicate their previous success, the makers of Even After the Series that has captivated thousands of viewers, Pisces The Series will showcase a series of love stories that will leave you surprised! A love story that talks about chances, fate, and magical entry. KF productions presents Pisces. Only at Kelly Fontanilla’s Youtube Channel!



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