Pisces the Series (2021)

After the success of his mini-series “Even After“, popular Pinoy BL Youtuber Kelly Fontanilla is back with another BL series on the horizon. Directed by Kelly Fontanilla, Kim Kenneth Paulasa, John Marc Aspa and written by Princess Q Pimentel, Hazleigh Bayquen, Sheneille Quema, Aneli Perlas, Luis Alfred Alcasabas, Menard Marion and Jay Anne Bunang, “Pisces The Series” showcases the unique and colorful story of Pisces who falls in love but eventually got his heart broken.

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“A Tale of Thousand Stars” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 4)

The most anticipated Thai BL, “A Tale of Thousand Stars” has finally premiered, and fans of GMMTV as well as BL dramas across the globe are over the moon about it. It’s hard to step onto social media without seeing #EarthMix within seconds. The two actors are stunning archetypes of modern conventions of what we expect from BL dramas, the main couple.

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Restart After Come Back Home (Movie Review)

I never knew that the most basic emotions can be portrayed in sentimental ways, until I watched “Restart After Come Back Home”. Adapted from the manga “Restart wa Tadaima no Atode” by Cocomi and directed by Ryuta Inoue, this film is painstakingly faithful to the original content.

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The Lost Tomb Series Review

Ultimate Note was my first foray into the widely popular “Dàomù Bǐjì Universe”. Adapted from Kennedy Xu’s “The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles” (盗墓笔记), the Lost Tomb Series follows main lead Wu Xie’s journey as he discovers a long-lost secret in his Grandfather’s notes.

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